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    Re: Kyushu 九州 | WV 26 | ??? - ??? Still can't believe that we tied for 12th place with 134 points!!! xshock1 xlove AMAZING!! xD
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    |POLAND| WV 138: Karolina Stanisławczyk - Cliché

    Re: Poland || WV 18 || Margaret || Tell Me How Are Ya I am devastated Poland didn't make it through to the FINALS!!!!! xcry1 xcry1 It's a travesty!!! and I am just shooting myself for not giving you more points~~ SOOC I really thought this song was going to make it!! Guess I was wrong~ xcry xcry
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    France | WV 139 | ???

    Re: France ~ WV 14 ~ ZAZ! 2 songs NF ~ Please vote! :] ::tw has voted~~ xparty
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    Re: Morocco | ✪ WorldVison XIV ✪ | 2 Sephardic Song NF Thank You for sharing these 2 songs with us! This whole experience is just priceless.... You have for sure made my day today~ xheya xkiss xheart
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    Re: Marmara (Turkey) | WV14 here we come | Hint for the artist revealed! Is there going to be a NF for Marmara??
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    Heart-Breaking News: Spartacus Star Andy Whitfield, 39, dies of cancer in Sydney

    ANDY Whitfield, the 39-year-old star of the US cable series Spartacus: Blood and Sand, has lost his battle with cancer. The actor, who shot to fame after scoring the title role in US TV drama Spartacus: Blood and Sand, died Sunday in Sydney after battling a recurrence of non-Hodgkin's...
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