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  • Hey, thanks for the songs. I really enjoyed "Super Nice Girl". I love those beats and it's a quality song - you couldn't go wrong in my voting this month. It was fighting with Russia's entry to get 12 points.
    Taiwan is one of my favourite FSC countries. I don't know how many points I gave you already. I can't even count. :lol:
    Simooooooooooooon! Happy birthday bro! Hope you're having a great one :D

    Come to forum some day, I miss ya!
    Thank you my half-relative from the Stripper World and welcome to our forum! I hope that you'll enjoy!
    Greetings from sunny Balkan peninsula!
    Perhaps not. But we're famous for our swedish meatballs, a certain scene in Trading Places comes to my mind. ;)
    Hallo to Taiwan.
    Nice to meet you here. I hope, you´re feeling good. We have wonderul weather here - it´s sumer yeah yeah yeah.
    Many greetings from Leipzig/Germany and have fun here. :D
    Hello :D Thanks for the add :)

    Welcome to the forum and I hope that you will enjoy it! Greetings from Serbia xcheers
    Hello BlueForever!

    It'll be very interesting to hear music from Taiwan, so I really look forward to it. :)

    Welcome to FSC (again). :D
    Hello from United Kingdom, the very sad home of Blue :(. I was totally gutted with 11th place, they didnt deserve it, they were fantastic imo! I suppose in a way though, getting 100 points is pretty good when we only got two lots of high points, from Bulgaria and Italy :D. I think they deserved top 5 at least, people were really excited about ESC here this year :(.
    But anywayz, glad to see your a big fan! :mrgreen: I hope to hear news about them soon too, I didnt used to like Blue so much but Im a proper fan now xD.
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