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    I have sent a message to some of you. I know the game may look a bit tiring, but it will take you just half an hour! :)
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    Hello everyone. The Eurovision 2020 Score Game is here again. But this time it has improved due to the extraordinarious circumstances the whole world is dealing with at the moment, so here we go! INSTRUCTIONS Usually, the 26 finalists of the Eurovision Score Game were decided by the forum...
  3. ayzelto

    Spain SPAIN 2021 - Blas Cantó

    Anything will be better than Universo, so I am glad UER won't let the contestants choose the same song.
  4. ayzelto

    EUROVISION 2020 - General Discussion Thread

    It’s not a rumour anymore. Eurovision 2020 cancelled :(
  5. ayzelto

    Israel ISRAEL 2020 - Eden Alene - Feker Libi

    Good song, but in semi 1 it could end up not qualifying, I don't know why. 7 points.
  6. ayzelto

    Switzerland SWITZERLAND 2020 - Gjon's Tears - Répondez-moi

    Each year I have a big fan favorite song that I dislike. This year this honour is for Swizerland. I cannot connect to it, impact 0. I am even surprise about the fact people like it so much. 4 points.
  7. ayzelto

    Austria AUSTRIA 2020 - Vincent - Alive

    I like it! I was sceptic in the beginning but it's good. 7 points.
  8. ayzelto

    Sweden SWEDEN 2020 - The Mamas - Move

    I still can't be objective. Dotter should be here. They are just the same, great singers with a generic Swedish song that hopefully won't be top 10. 5 points.
  9. ayzelto

    Ireland IRELAND 2020 - Lesley Roy - Story Of My Life

    In my top 3, and let me explain this: I don't mind if a song is outdated if they make you feel something. In my case, it gave me nostalgia, happiness, enthusiasm... it just clicked on my brain. We've heard many songs like that in the very ancient past, but music shouldn't have time barriers...
  10. ayzelto

    Czech Republic CZECH REPUBLIC 2020 - Benny Cristo - Kemama

    Old version, new version, I just don't like it. It gets stuck in your head, and not in a good way. 2 points.
  11. ayzelto

    Azerbaijan AZERBAIJAN 2020 - Efendi - Cleopatra

    Azerbaijan just proved that if they want, they can. That will overshadow Greece for sure. 10 points.
  12. ayzelto

    Italy ITALY 2020 - Diodato - Fai rumore

    I like it a lot. Maybe it's not as competitive as previous Italian entries but it's very pleasant. I can't really see this in the top 10 in such a good year but we will see. 8 points.
  13. ayzelto

    Belgium BELGIUM 2020 - Hooverphonic - Release Me

    It's pleasant to listen but at the same time boring and repetitive. People seem to like it, I just don't mind it. 5 points.
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    North Macedonia NORTH MACEDONIA 2020 - Vasil Garvanliev - You

    North Macedonia was on the right way, but not this year. I wanted to give it a second chance as I was doubtful after the first listen, but no. In such a strong semi 1, there's no way this will qualify. 2 points.
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