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  • Heeej yay on us doing well xcheer too bad I won't have time now, but we will definitely be back to slaying for NSC 168 xcheerxcheer my NF should be very interesting, probably one of the most original Zapryan NFs ever, I've never done something like this :D

    I should also do at least one ex-YU NF, I think :D
    Thanks Ashley xheart I've listened to Banu hits ofc and ate half of a huge chocolate cake to celebrate dying one year earlier!! xheat xcheer so I had a blessed they indeed. Thanks again and have a nice 21st!
    Heey....just wanted to tell you that I worked last night until 8am and this one will repeat it due to some deadlines on job..:( :( will tell you more in PM when reply you xrunhug
    Heeej what's up xcheer I am officially bringing back Zapryan NF for NSC 165 again, I like the songs even more than for NSC 164 :eek: xcheer
    I’m ok with my result, not that I’m “leaving” for being disappointed with WV or anything related to it. I learnt from the experience and just focused on my favourites :lol: I really enjoyed seeing the final battle between my 2 favourites, and between 2 of the persons I appreciate most here. Amazing XD. Although we could say this win is also yours. Hele and you won again, both, like you did with Belinda Carlisle. Good luck with your hosting, you will need it because you have 0 experience in hosting shows in this forum and you are a total newbie lol. I didn’t have a good day today, so I’m going to be risky and go to sleep now. x
    Well the song deserved them XD. Btw if one of these days you reply and you can’t, just save the message. I’m not sure if I will disable PMs and visitor messages or not, but anyway if I do it, it won’t be forever ofc, so... save it.
    Then the results show would be the perfect moment to give at least the citizenship to the winner XD it's an excellent prize.
    I see now you are in Costa Braja, somehow it sounds familiar to me lol.
    I got rumours that people in WLSC will soon get the Solentoyan citizenship because they spend more time there than in their own nations :lol:
    Ok, no problem :D
    Heeey xrunhug Thank you a lot for advice...well, I'm indifferent...but going day after day...xshrug Have to write you more detailed PM :) I hope everything is going on well with you xrunhug
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