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    United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2022

    at this point the BBC suddenly dropping dead and ITV/channel 4 picking eurovision up instead is the occam's razor way for UK to do well in eurovision again because BBC will just never care
  2. Alaska49

    Speculate: Fishiness of 2021

    really? it's not like they misplaced any semifinal winner like this before, so if they don't get the results, they at least have a good idea of what to expect (see: KMH getting a good spot in 2019 even though odds didn't have her high before the semi at all, and then she won semi 1). this seems...
  3. Alaska49

    Sweden SWEDEN 2022

    came here to say i was optimistic about melfest's prospects with the old overbearing control freak mummy fucking off to do americavision or whatever (specially after that GENEROUS 14th place for tusse, which was telegraphed from the moon and nobody else from melfest - this year or the previous -...
  4. Alaska49

    Speculate: Fishiness of 2021

    the moment i saw the running order for the final, i thought "wow, malta must have not done that well in the semi? or else they'd give them the spot they just gave russia, which is obviously the better one". then, i was right and russia did way better in the televote of the final, BUT malta...
  5. Alaska49

    Ukraine UKRAINE 2021 - Go_A - Shum

    MOTHER HAS INDEED ARRIVED and to be honest never left. i believed in go_a since solovey. but of course the "BUT WILL EUROPE UNDERSTAND THEM???" fears hit me the same way they did with hatari even though hatari did just fine. it happens. after the semi i totally shook that off and even believed...
  6. Alaska49

    Albania ALBANIA 2021 - Anxhela Peristeri - Karma

    when anxhela won i realized i really didn't want inis winning and i was much happier than i thought i would be lol. funny how tha worked out! karma is fine if dated (party like it's kiev 2005!) and well staged and doesn't need much change at all to continue the mall/khteju tokes legacy so we...
  7. Alaska49

    Albania ALBANIA 2021 - Anxhela Peristeri - Karma

    oh ABSOLUTELY. we are mirud and mirud is us. he is our spirit animal, our totem of love, the child of the moon, the ruler of the sun, etc.
  8. Alaska49

    Albania ALBANIA 2021 - Anxhela Peristeri - Karma

    do we have any hope FiK isn't hopelessly predictable, though? even last year when i thought nobody in albania would ever be stupid to possibly deny elvana, i was still like "well, if elvana didn't exist, arilena would obviously win". i'd be shocked if this didn't go to anxhela or inis.
  9. Alaska49

    Albania ALBANIA 2021 - Anxhela Peristeri - Karma

    HIYA HEY back from my off-season + covid exile with a totally cheating 2020 season avatar (if the contest didn't happen i can use a NF loser who was ALSO in the previous actual contest! it's a thing!) ready to comment on our dear early bird, festivali i kenges first things first, i am not...
  10. Alaska49

    Russia RUSSIA 2020 - Little Big - Uno

    so um we can go back to The Discourse later right now, like, channel one? will you send them in 2021? please say yes?
  11. Alaska49

    Lithuania LITHUANIA 2020 - The Roop - On Fire

    as a huge moniqué supporter when pabandom was airing, KEEP THE ROOP OBVIOUSLY THEY WERE A CONTENDER FOR VICTORY DON'T THROW THEM OUT????? everyone else can wait for 2022 what the fuck lithuania
  12. Alaska49

    EUROVISION 2020 - General Discussion Thread

    well, it's san marino, they are more likely to cancel 2021 on top of 2020 than to listen to them
  13. Alaska49

    Slovenia SLOVENIA 2020 - Ana Soklič - Voda

    yeah, this is a good revamp. pahr ana. most people won't even notice it's released.
  14. Alaska49

    Albania ALBANIA 2020 - Arilena Ara - Fall From The Sky

    on the one hand of course they need to keep arilena for 2021, mikaela minga didn't ruin her whole credibility sandbagging elvana for nothing and it's the ethical thing to do (also they can give her an actual song with an actual personality this time and not Moldy Ballad From 1859 For Overly...
  15. Alaska49

    Alaska49 Ranks His 100 Favourite National Final Losers!

    so, coronavirus has stalled my progress here in that a) it got eurovision cancelled and now this has become sad because, well, we don't really have winners anymore, and b) my work is essential to stay open during the pandemic and it's been rough so i haven't really had the emotional vacancy to...
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