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    Sweden SWEDEN 2022

    Interesting that you point it out, I think there are clear reasons as to why Swedish language entries haven't done very well most of the times. SVT/MF team thus far has basically ridiculed the Swedish language music by purposely choosing mostly joke or "dead-at-arrival"-entries in Swedish that...
  2. A-lister

    Malta MALTA 2022

    I'm fine with that they're doing, I mean they did have some of the best entries ever just in the past years... I think the problem is the lack of authenticity in their entries, but it's not like the entries they sent previously were very authentic either except for a few exception. The...
  3. A-lister

    Ukraine UKRAINE 2022

    Always nice to find common ground! I meant juries in Eurovision though, I think Alyona Alyona would even win the jury vote in Vidbir so nationally she won't struggle, Eurovision is a different affair though. The teen/tween girls? Well I still argue public voting in Vidbir 2019- differed a bit...
  4. A-lister

    Ukraine UKRAINE 2022

    She's a much stronger vocalist than these "popular" acts though, again Kazka would be killed in Eurovision even with a good song (I like them more than Tayanna but again the main singer isn't a good live singer and we can agree on that). Alyona Alyona would probably be killed for the simple...
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    Belarus BELARUS 2022

    I think with Belarus, if EBU would accept a Belarusian broadcaster that works from abroad, that the contest would also be hosted in the country where said broadcaster is stationed. In the case of Belsat, which was mentioned in the thread, it's a Belarusian broadcaster run by TVP in Poland, and...
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    Ukraine UKRAINE 2022

    Danylko is pretty primitive, anyways again it's a local "scandal" that I think just a few that watched it even remember, hardly something that would mean anything in Eurovision. I didn't say she's as popular as alyona alyona or KAZKA, but to claim she's "unknown" is obviously not a fact either...
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    Ukraine UKRAINE 2022

    Well, aggressive PR can be off-putting I agree, but if the material is good then it speaks for itself. Although I can't blame someone for doing PR really, it's part of the business. It's a tough market to break through and sometimes it's needed to be heard.. What scandal? Anyways, like I said...
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    Sweden SWEDEN 2022

    Well, there is a good reason no one cared, he wasn't good to begin with... I agree about songs in Swedish though, but no bi-lingual...
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    American Song Contest

    What too many broadcasters? If we don't count territories, it's 35 countries in the Americas which is certainly less than Eurovision has, also less time zones included (if we count full Russia in the case of Eurovision).
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    Will the pre-recorded backing vocals remain?

    Pre-recorded backing vocal or live backing vocal, I am still surprised EBU let that cheating pass as it was staged as the main vocals... still a mystery to me how Kirkorov got away with it xshrug
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    Australia AUSTRALIA 2022

    True that, people complain about Australian NF's but technically we've only had one Australian NF entry in Eurovision thus far as 2020 was cancelled and the 2021 entry was internally chosen. The song is pure bliss, but yeah the performance wasn't too great but we will never know with some...
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    Sweden SWEDEN 2022

    Why all these past due date names? I don't think Ace of Base, Army of Lovers or Dr. Alban even do music any longer to begin with...
  13. A-lister

    Ukraine UKRAINE 2022

    The Russian version is tolerable, I agree. The English one however is pretty cringe and unfortunately that is what she competed with. Really, it's not personal. I don't think the ESC juries care about some local tabloid stuff, I don't even see what's so "scandalous" to begin with. But yes...
  14. A-lister

    Ukraine UKRAINE 2022

    "I Love You" was certainly on the same cringe level as "Proud", here we can agree. We'll just have to agree to disagree on "Lelya" though as I believe it's a competent and catchy bop that didn't sound like your average Eurovision bop. Also I'm not personally a big fan of "Voila", but putting...
  15. A-lister

    FSC Spin-Offs / FSC #150 August Spin-Off: Discussion

    I think the idea of ESC runner-ups is a good one, or I would go even further and say an FSC where we can pick our favorite entries from any ESC pre-selection that never went to ESC (regardless of their placing in the national selections). I also like the idea of an FSC made up by former ESC...
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