Heads up! The 20 songs for the Maltese National Final have been revealed!

Only one week after the Junior Eurovision Song Contest (JESC) takes place in Malta, the Mediterranean country will be ready for yet another Eurovision Show – “The Malta Eurovision Song” – to be held on the 21st and 22nd of November at the Marsa Shipyards.

This year’s show is full of familiar faces. Former Maltese entrants are trying their chances this time as solo singers or as members of a band. Remember Ludwig’s stunning voice in the catchy “On Again Off Again”? Ten long years might have passed but he’s still alive and kicking and will join forces with Eleanor Spiteri and Roger Tirazona in “Trilogy”. For all those of you who thought Gianluca Bezzina was one of the most charming performers in Malmö 2013, here’s some good news for you: he is in again but this time as part of a quintet – “L-Ahwa” – bringing a touch of optimism to the NF with  “Beautiful To Me” – a catchy song with his distinctive sound. Do not forget Glen Vella (Düsseldorf 2011) with “Breakaway”!”

If you’re in for some good pop-dance tune with a Spanish feel to it, Jessika’s “Fandango” is definitely your thing.  Or if you’d rather shake it up and “move with the flow”, check the optimist sound of Minik’s “Once in a while”. You want to clap your hands and believe that “It’s Ok”? Go for Deborah C! Iona Dalli’s “Could Have Been Me” might seem the right choice for you if you are fan of up-tempos. But if all you like is dancey tunes, Christabelle’s gonna give you the “Rush”. Yet, let me say that there is “Something in the way” for us when we come across Daniel Testa’s popish sound.

Who could be so lucky to have the support of Alexander Rybak in the race to Eurovision? Well, Maltese entrant Franklin Calleja does! Soon more details will be releaved on this collaboration. Calleja will sing “Still Here” – a classic romantic ballad Amber’s “Warrior” is yet another love song in the run for the trophy. If you are a romantic, see how Amber’s mellow voice melts your heart. Karen Debattista’s sincere rendering of “12, Baker Street” and Lawrence Gray’s haunting ballad “The One That You Love” are stories of unfulfilled love that also speak to the heart. Danica Muscat talks about light and hope in “Close your Eyes” whilst Corazon’s is a story of how one loves “Secretly”. If you are in for a more optimist track, go for Lyndsay Pace’s “Home”.

Do not miss Chris Grech’s personal voice, which goes perfectly well with his entry “Closed Doors” or Raquel’s “Stop Haunting Me” – a sophisticated pop ballad which does some justice to her gorgeous voice and stunning stage presence. Last but not least,  Domenique Azzopardi’s” Take me as I am” will leave no one indifferent!

Yet, the big surprise of this year’s final is the Sisters (Ekklesia) – five nuns that are set to conquer the heart and soul of the Maltese nation with the divine “Love and Let Go”. The six nuns will surely attract a lot of media attention.

Here’s the shortlist with the candidates and their songs:

1          Breakaway – Glen Vella


2          Chasing A Dream – Trilogy


3          12, Baker Street -Karen Debattista


4          Still Here – Franklin Calleja

5          It’s Ok – Deborah C.

6          Love & Let Go – Ekklesia Sisters

7          The One That You Love – Lawrence Gray

8          Fandango – Jessika

9          Something In The Way – Daniel Testa

10        Warrior – Amber

11        Rush – Christabelle

12        Closed Doors – Chris Grech

13        Beautiful To Me – “L-Ahwa”

14        Stop Haunting Me – Raquel Galdes

15        Close your eyes – Danica Muscat

16        Home – Lyndsay Pace


17        Secretly – Corazon Mizzi

18        Could Have Been Me – Iona Dalli

19        Take Me As I Am – Domenique Azzopardi

20        Once in a While – Dominik


Who will win the golden ticket to Vienna? What will happen in one month’s time? We will have to wait and see. ESCUnited will reveal more details in due course. Stay tuned!

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