After an already hectic night with many acts being confirmed for Eurovision 2020, Portugal still needed to kick off their second semi final. Last week we already saw 4 songs qualifying for the final and tonight a further 4 would be added to make a final lineup of 8. Let’s take a look at what happened!

The performing acts tonight were:

1 Dubio feat. +351 – Cegueira
2 Luiz Caracol & Gus Liberdade – Dói-me o país
3 Judas – Cubismo enviesado
4 Kady – Diz só
5 Elisa Rodrigues – Não voltes mais
6 Cláudio Frank – Quero-te abraçar
7 Tomás Luzia – Mais real que o amor
8 Jimmy P – Abensonhado

The show was opened by the song that was selected through the open submission. Dubio feat. +351 with “Cegueira”. The group wore beige outfits with a massive black stripe that went across their face as sort of a mask around their eyes. There was also “a shadow” of the lead singer standing behind her in the verses and it broke away when the beat kicked in. The performance was very gloomy and dark in the verses and became a little lighter in the chorus and beat breakdown, lovely way to open the show!

Up next Luiz Caracol & Gus Liberdade with their song “Dói-me o país”. The song started with a shot Luiz Caracol playing his guitar. We also saw a chalk drawing of a character in the background. When the song opened up a bit more Gus joined in with a keyboard around his neck and the Chalk-character went on with his adventure. They were very casually dressed and the overall performance was very warm and lovely and then Gus started an amazing delivery of the rap-part with 2 drummers joining the stage. A great follow-up to our openers!

The third act was Judas with the song “Cubismo Enviesado”. They opted to go for a very extraordinary performance. The singer moved a lot and in onorthodox ways together with his 2 dancers. They also wore silver glitter onesies and the overall performance was very over the top, maybe to compensate for their rather dull song?

Act number 4 was a classy performance by singer Kady who performed her song “Diz só”. She wore a white classy suit with golden chains as accents. She had 3 dancers with her on stage that wore black outfits. The performance was in such a way that it seemed at times that the dancers were shadows of Kady. The vocals could have been a bit more prevelant, but not bad!

Up next it was Elisa Rodrigues performing “Não voltes mais”. She was accompanied with 4 backing singers dressed in black, 2 either side. She wore a short dress, black with silver floral patterns all over. She seemed to be very in the moment and nothing special happened in the song. Vocally she sounded great!

Cláudio Frank was to perform 6th. He brought us “Quero-te abraçar”. He wore a nice suit with light grey jacket and black jeans. The 3 background singers were in black and there was also a couple in black slowdancing in the back. He seemed to be struggling a little bit vocally, but performed without major issues. He swang a little on the stage and did a few spins, not much change in energy throughout tho.

7th act of the night was Tomás Luzia with “Mais real que o amor”. It was a lovely “acoustic” ballad performed in a rather casual, but good way. He wore a button-up-shirt in dark green/grey with some beige pants. He seemed to be really enjoying himself. This song had some really strong moments in the start of verses, but it felt like he was hitting a plateau a few times.

Finally a personal favourite of mine, “Abensonhado” by Jimmy P. Vocally he sounded exactly like the studio track. He wore a black casual outfit, started sitting down on the stage and slowly walked to his backing choir of 5. They were dressed up in white with golden scarfs looking and sounding angelic. The track kept building and Jimmy went down to his knees and later got up dancing a bit as well. Throughout his vocals were near perfect, the choir didn’t necessarily do much besides a few parts though. Great performance!

Then it was time for about an hour worth of waiting, recaps, interviews, basically all the things why you tune in to watch. Finally we got the results and the 4 qualifying acts were announced in random order:

Jimmy P – Abensonhado

Tomás Luzia – Mais real que o amor

Kady – Diz só

Elisa Rodrigues – Não voltes mais

They will compete against the qualiffied songs from semi-final 1 to complete the final lineup:

Filipe Sambado – Gerbera amarela do Sul

Bárbara Tinoco – Passe-Partout

Elisa – Medo de sentir

Throes + The Shine – Movimento

What do #YOU think of tonight’s qualifiers? Was it what #YOU expected and who should win the final next week? Let us know in the comments below, on social media, or in our forum.

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