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As we previously reported, Australia is going to take part again after the EBU officially announced that the Land Down Under would once again take part in the contest, this time as a Semi Finalist.

The Internet went Berzerk and it was a rather polarizing decision. While the EBU Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand claimed that Australia’s participation was incredibly popular among the fans, press and broadcasters, the immediate response seems to be slightly less enthusiastic.

We asked our readers the following question: “Australia to return to . Do you agree with the EBU’s decision?” This is how you voted:

YES: 52%
NO: 48%

So this decision seems to be dividing the fans. Here are some of the fan’s comments. Several people did not agree with the way the EBU handled the situation.

    Kath Lockett, former Head of Press for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest said: “This seems to be an unusually early announcement and is unfairly taking away the attention from Junior ESC, whose final is this Saturday. I think it’s a desperate attempt to divert attention from far more serious issues such as the suspect ESC tender process. Among other things“. .Australia N1 So there seems to be a good amount of discontent with the announcement and the way it was handled by the EBU. Earlier this year, it was announced that Australia’s participation was a One-Off event to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the contest. The country has been broadcasting the event for over 30 years and viewers get up early in the morning (or stay up all night) to watch the show. Besides the criticism aimed at the EBU, several people were unhappy with the decision for different reasons. Some folks believe that this is primarily a European contest and that the focus should be on those countries.       Australia N2 Australia N6 Australia N3 Australia N4 Australia N5


Sietse Bakker, the current Eurovision Event Organizer, disagreed with some of the assertions that were raised by the fans and responded directly on Facebook.

SB 1 SB 2   



That being said, there are just as many fans out there who support the EBU’s decision and welcome Australia with open arms. Of course, Australians themselves are especially excited: Australia Y1 Australia Y2   But support for Australia comes from all corners of the world. Australia Y3 Australia Y4


Please keep sharing your thoughts with us as it is our goal to put the spotlight on the readers and fans of the contest as without them, the contest wouldn’t exist.

We look forward to meet up with the Australian fans in Stockholm as they sure know how to party!

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  1. Anne Reid

    November 18, 2015 at 11:00

    I think most people are really happy that Australia are going to be back at Eurovision in 2016 (or forever?) but the way EBU have handled the decision – and their twitter responses – has not been very professional. In the end, the Eurovision Song Contest will always survive and always be great but it might be some for some of those ‘behind it’ to be held more accountable for the way they’re running things.

  2. Nikolay Kosev

    November 18, 2015 at 10:10

    OK, once was enough. Why not focus on bringing the countries from Eastern Europe back… those that are…you know… European…

  3. Kay Kayla

    November 18, 2015 at 08:10

    10,000 likes vs how many dislikes? There is no dislike button on Facebook but I’m certain it would be equally high.

  4. Mark Kirikud

    November 18, 2015 at 07:35

    There was something like 10,000 likes on the original official Eurovision facebook page, 10k far out-weighing the negativity

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