We’ve had our say over the past few weeks and we’ve made our first few rankings, but now we can finally begin totting up your poll results to work out the reader’s ranking for 2017!

The method we have used to calculate your results are as follows, based on proportional poll results. Points have been distributed out of 1000 based on the points given in the poll, for example if 24% of the voters awarded 10 points to an entry, this is calculated as 24×10=240. This continues for all points from 9 down to 1, with a total score adding up to no more than 1000 points.

This score can then be expressed as an approval rating, which we will use as the deciding factor. For example, 864 points would be an approval rating of 86.4%.

The first ten countries had their readings taken on April 10th, so what did #YOU think of the entries so far?

The results

  1. Italy – 90.4%
  2. Poland – 74.5%
  3. Belarus – 70.9%
  4. Moldova – 63.4%
  5. Cyprus – 62.4%
  6. Armenia – 59.4%
  7. Australia – 57.8%
  8. Montenegro – 53.7%
  9. Germany – 50.3%
  10. Georgia – 41.6%

A full spreadsheet of the arrangement of points can be found below;

Compared to our ranking of the songs below;

  1. Italy (-)
  2. Cyprus (+3)
  3. Moldova (+1)
  4. Armenia (+2)
  5. Poland (-3)
  6. Georgia (+4)
  7. Montenegro (+1)
  8. Belarus (-5)
  9. Australia (-2)
  10. Germany (-1)

With Italy on top the only thing the panel and public could agree on, it seems that there are a few big discrepancies. Notably, Belarus was much more widely recieved by the public than by the panel, with Georgia and Cyprus benefitting the most from the jury’s results.

We will keep #YOU updated with all of the standings from the ‘Expert’ Panel and your votes – so make sure to keep voting in each poll as the panel continues!

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