The theme artwork of Eurovision Song Contest 2015 was just published “It is a great logo, a strong sign with recognition value and endless possibilities” says John Ola Sand, EBU. The logotype interprets the theme (Bulding Bridges) in a visual way as it forms over and over again.

“The theme art work’s use of spheres and its wave-shape symbolises being united as well as diversity. The colours reflect the individualism and at the same time building musical bridges, the diversity of the artists, variety of songs and also the diverse audience.”

“With this graphic identity we have presented a contemporary, professional entertainment design. A big advantage of the Sphere is the versatility because it is suitable for both – dynamic screen design as well as any analog use. I am particularly pleased that the graphic appearance was developed by a great team in-house.” Dr. Alexander Wrabetz, Director General of ORF.

“The Song Contest moved to Austria and Austria welcomes guests happily and with spirit, without the expectable cliches, just in a modern and cosmopolitan way. This dynamism is also reflected in the graphical appearance of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest,” adds Edgar Böhm, Executive Producer of the contest in 2015.

The artwork will be used throughout the competition as merchandise, crew uniforms and on-air graphics. What do you think of 2015’s logotype? Discuss it here.

Source: & ORF


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