While the famous Forum Ranking Game has been going on over the past few weeks as new entries continued to be revealed across Europe, the completed line-up of Eurovision 2021 has now opened up our other well-loved forum game. That’s right, Big Brother is back for 2021!

What is ESC Big Brother?

Based on the international reality TV series Big Brother, the game has been a long-running staple of the ESC United forum for a number of years. The premise is simple – all 39 participating songs in this year’s contest enter in two semi-finals (including the host nation and Big 5), and it is up to #YOU to save your favourites and eliminate songs from the competition.

What are the rules?

  • Each round, three songs will be nominated for eviction from the game, with one of these songs being eliminated.
  • 13 songs will qualify from each semi-final to the Big Brother final, which includes the Big 5 and host nation – no special treatment in our forum games!
  • Every round, our members will vote for ONE song that they want to nominate for elimination (by voting in the polls on the Big Brother threads) and ONE song that they would like to keep safe (by posting their choice for immunity on the forum).
  • Please vote for the song that you would like to nominate for eviction by casting your vote in the thread poll. The two countries with the highest number of votes will be nominated for eviction. Reminder: You can only nominate one entry so be smart and strategic about your vote!
  • Everyone that votes to grant immunity to a country, is automatically eligible to become the next Power of Veto holder. The person that holds that power has the ability to provide Safety to one of the three nominated songs. The POV winner will need to send a Private Message to the game’s host, Matt, letting him know which of the three nominated songs should be safe. It is up to them to decide to share their decision or keep it a secret. The host will post the name of the Veto winner in this thread and also send a PM with further instructions.
  • Starting in Round 2, we will also choose a Head of Household (HoH) randomly. Every person casting a vote for Immunity for a country will become eligible to win the powerful position. The HoH will be able to nominate a third country/song for elimination in addition to the two entries chosen by the poll.
  • In a nutshell: Vote for the song that you would like to nominate for eviction in the forum thread’s poll, then post the country that you would like to grant immunity to by responding in the thread.

How do I take part?

#YOU can join in the action over on our forum (you will need an account – it’s quick, easy and free and #YOU can register here if not already a member).

The semi-finals have begun, with the first round of voting ending at midnight tonight. Semi-Final 1 can be found HERE, and Semi-Final 2 can be found HERE.

Make sure to have your say and remember to be tactical – save your favourites and eliminate others!

Join the Big Brother and Forum Ranking Games HERE, and join the discussion below and on social media!

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