It’s Day 7 by now, but only the third day for press access, just to make it sound like everything has just started, when in fact, it’ll soon be all over once again. Anyhow, to remain positive, another batch of countries have taken to the stage for their second rehearsal today, and these included Romania, Poland and Montenegro.


After a very long and confusing national selection over the winter months, Romania opted to go with WRS and his song “Llámame“. A song that inspires and invites the listener up for some dancing.

The performance does exactly this as well, where it invites the viewer up for a dance in lots of rose red and golden colors. The performance is very focused on the choreography and all the dancing involved throughout all 3 minutes. The dancers that are backing WRS up on stage also get heavily focused on, taking turn dancing along with the performer.

The focus remains on the performance, but for opened eyed viewers, it could maybe be noticed that the blocking sun might get in the way. The few Spanish lyrics of the song do indeed get blocked out and are briefly seen, despite the words being re-arranged ahead of today’s rehearsal.


Poland would’ve gone internally this year, but somehow managed to put together a national final very fast, this is where Krystian Ochman got his moment to shine with his song “River“.

It’s what you would expect from a song titled “River“, lots and lots of watery effects in use throughout the song. Ochman is mainly focused on his vocal delivery of the song, and nails the high notes perfectly, so let’s focus on these effects that are in use. From the very beginning, there are dripping effects on the screen, with water pouring down, this happens during the more slower parts of the song. When the song then gets more intense, then lightning effects are used instead and even some wild shaking effects as well.

That’s not all, Ochman is also accompanied by 4 shadowy dancers. It’s hard to tell what their purpose is, as they start at the very front of the stage and progress towards Ochman over the course of the song and end it all laying around him.


Finally, as the last act for this batch of performances, we have Vladana who sings her song “Breathe“, after she was internally selected by the national broadcaster to represent the country of Montenegro.

Vladana remains focused on her performance, here she doesn’t move out of her place. She performs the entire song on the front part of the stage and is all alone on stage as well. It might seem a bit empty, but there’s no doubt, that she’s the one in focus throughout the song. The backdrop does contain some glorious depiction of different figures in the background, so there is a bit to watch out for, for the curious viewer.

Now, to the most interesting of it all, which is Vladana‘s dress, a gorgeous deep blue dress with a circular glowing disc on her back. It didn’t seem to glow up in a specific pattern nor along with the music, but it definitely will have viewers wondering. That’s not all either, it occurs that Vladana will sing the last verse in Italian as well.

That’s it for now, but there are still another 3 countries to have their second rehearsal later today, when we take a look at Belgium, Sweden & Czech Republic.

We’ve almost seen all the semi-finalists of the second semi-final rehears now, whom among them have had #YOU change your mind, and who do #YOU think could potentially be a surprise qualifier maybe? Let’s hear from #YOU on our forum HERE or on our social media sites.

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