A little late with this last overview, but seeing how we’ve gone from barely having anything to do, to being constantly focused on something, then delays do happen. Now that we have your attention, let’s wrap it up with the last three remaining semi-finalists, being Belgium, Sweden and finally Czech Republic.


Jérémie Makiese had the honor of being named the first artist to be picked for Turin, when he was internally selected to represent Belgium this year with his song “Miss You“.

As the young football star/singer has mentioned, among his musical influences is Michael Jackson, and that can somewhat be heard and seen. Can Jérémie become the next king of pop, only time will tell, but for now, it does feel like he is going for a king of pop inspired performance. Jérémie performs his song in a silver jacket, along with four backing dancers.

Not much is actually going on throughout the song, Jérémie remains focused on his performance and vocal delivery of his song, and will along with his dancers throw some slick dance moves here and there. Maybe simplicity could be the key for another Belgian qualification. However, don’t underestimate this guy’s voice, he can sing! No wonder he won The Voice last year in Belgium.


As usual, the winner of Melodifestivalen is the one who get’s the right to represent Sweden, and that honor fell to Cornelia Jakobs this year, with her song “Hold Me Closer“.

Another thing that’s as usual as well, is how Sweden always brings their staging from Melodifestivalen to Eurovision, cause if it worked once, then why bother fixing something that ain’t broken. Cornelia replicates her performance for everyone outside of Sweden to watch as well, and it is as expected, some close camera shots, interaction with the circular screen in the back, a lot of intimacy between her and the cameras. It’s literally what we’d expect, from what we’ve seen so far.

Despite the confidence, the rehearsal was unfortunately plagued a lot by different technical difficulties, such as sound problems, wires getting in the way and all those minor things. Sweden might have lost a full run due to this, but Cornelia still showed confidence and was not bothered by these minor problems, she is ready to impress Europe.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic were the first country to hold a national final, and therefor We Are Domi became the first national final winners out of all the competitors in Turin, with their song “Lights Off“.

This could be just a hunch, but we do see Michelangelo’s famous David sculpture a lot throughout this performance, probably because the contest is held in Italy, but what that has to do with the song? If any can figure it out, I’d personally be happy to hear. Anyhow, ears were all over the Czech Republic and if Dominika could impress vocally. This is still a very hard one to call, this might come down to what happens on the night!

Let’s focus on the staging for a bit, we see both Casper and Benjamin rocking their parts of the stage and their instruments, while Dominika gives everything she got to light up(?) the atmosphere. It’s all good, cause the lights do go off midway through the song, when the short pause hits, making the title live up to the song.

That’s was the very last three semi-finalists from the second semi-final. Tomorrow awaits the second rehearsal and our first impression for the BIG 5 countries. Tomorrow will also mark the very last day with normal rehearsals before we enter week 2, where the competition part finally starts.

Who do #YOU see qualifying now that we’ve seen all the acts from the semi-finals, and which 10 acts do #YOU believe will qualify from the second semi-final. Time to voice your opinion on our forum right HERE or on our social media sites.

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