EMA Freš, the first preliminary phase of Slovenia’s famous EMA selection which showcases new Slovenian talent, will once again be held next month, and the Slovenian broadcaster RTVSLO has revealed the acts taking part in the first phase of the competition!

Over the course of the next four weeks, 24 songs will be whittled down to four EMA Freš contestants moving on the main competition next year. Starting from Monday 29th November, two songs will be presented in duels on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, before a weekly final from the winners each Saturday.

A second-round chance will be held in the week of 20th-24th December to decide the final qualifier for the main EMA contest.

The participating acts are as follows…

Week 1:

  • 29/11 – Katja Kos “Deadly Flower” vs Nika S. “Počakaj me”
  • 30/11 – Anja Vodošek “Maniac” vs Stela Sofia “Tu in zdaj”
  • 01/12 – LPS “Disko” vs Neli Jerot “Magnum Opus”
  • 02/12 – Ella “A sem dovolj?” vs Jon Vitezič “Jesus Style”

Week 2:

  • 06/12 – Ina “Moj dopamin” vs LaraYul “Moja lekcija”
  • 07/12 – Ain’t Harmony “Hočem da” vs Jaka Hliš “Svoje sreče krojač”
  • 08/12 – LUMA “All In” vs Mitja Dragan “Iščem”
  • 09/12 – Evita “Črno-bela” vs Lara Dovier “Ko sva se prvič spoznala”

Week 3:

  • 13/12 – Hvala Brothers “Gremo naprej” vs Leya Leanne “Naked”
  • 14/12 – De Liri “Obstajam” vs Katja Korošec “Levo in desno”
  • 15/12 – Emma “Moja sreča” vs Nina Sodnik “Will You Be Enough”
  • 16/12 – Marijan Novak & Špela Velikanje “I Am So In Love” vs Mia Vučković “Telenovela”

A weekly webcast will be held by RTVSLO on each Saturday showcasing the four duel winners, with this show hosted by Arne, Bojan Cvjetićanin and 2012 representative Eva Boto. Three of the four winning songs will advance to the EMA Freš finals, with the second chance round deciding a final five qualifiers from the 15 songs left behind.

In the EMA Freš finals, four songs will advance to the final round of the Slovenian selection for Eurovision 2022. In the previous instance of the Freš contest being held, qualifiers Parvani Violet ended up 3rd in EMA, with Saška in joint 4th.

Slovenia will be looking to bounce back from a disappointing result in 2021, with Ana Soklič missing out on qualification with “Amen”, finishing 13th in the Rotterdam semi-final. Slovenia had previously been present in the two Eurovision finals before.

What do #YOU hope to see from EMA this year? Share your thoughts with us on our forum HERE or join the discussion below and on social media!

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