As we continue with our interviews with EMA 2018 participants, it’s the turn of Orter to tell us more about himself, his song and his thoughts on Eurovision itself!

What can you tell us about Orter in just two sentences?
– I am a wild person, who basically escaped from a fairytale. Confident, careful, artistic, light-dark soul, who wants to be trapped in a castle… Yep, that’s me, although off the stage, I am just a normal person.

When and why did you decide to apply for EMA?

– I have been a fan of EMA since I was a little kid and I used to dream that, one day, I would go and sing my heart out with my song, my lyrics, my story, my image, different from all the others. Ten years ago, I started thinking about this festival like I was part of it… And this year it feels like something new! I love performing and here in Slovenia, young singers don’t have many opportunities to perform in front of half the country. The main reason is to go on to ESC and make Slovenia proud again. Confidence and strength; this is what we need. Fight and be strong!

Can you tell us anything about your EMA song?

– I can’t tell you a lot, but it’s different, majestic, artistic, pop, modern, dark-light, futuristic, radio friendly and vocally strong. It’s really nice and something fresh for this year’s competition. Hopefully you can imagine what kind of song I have after reading those words.
I hope I am gonna blow your mind! THAT IS MY GOAL!

What is your first Eurovision memory?
– I will never forget Sestre. I remember just one second of the performance: I remember they had shiny crystals on their dresses.
My first proper memory from Eurovision was definitely Ruslana and her Wild Dance(r)s and the following year, the most sexy girl – and the winner – Helena Paparizou. I still love her entry. The same is with Ruslana and also Sertab Erener.
I can say that Eurovision ten, twenty, years ago was incredible! Sometimes nowadays it is just too much of everything for my ears.

Your favorite Eurovision song?

– My favourite winning songs are “My Number One”, “Wild Dances” and “Rise Like a Phoenix”.
If we are talking about art and also a winning song, then it’s Loreen’s “Euphoria”.
And if we are talking just about the art, then it’s actually strictly speaking not a Eurovision entry, but Loreen’s “Statements” from Melodifestivalen 2017!
I am a very complicated person, hahaha…

What is a typical day like for you?
– Well it’s a very basic day. I wake up, then I have nice walk with my dog. After that, the next big thing is COFFEE, and then I get on with whatever needs doing for my musical career, such as planning meetings, photo shootings, performances, recordings etc., before having vocal sessions, and, of course, I am writing songs.
After all that, for the second half of the day, I love to go jogging and taking care of my shape, as it’s very important for me, so I do some exercise and running. That is just an average day for me. Of course, I love to hang out with my friends, producers, musicians and all the people who take care of me, my life, and my career!

Would you be so kind as to tell us something interesting about yourself, something that isn’t widely known?

– I am always in a hurry. I am a big activist and fighter against cancer, HIV/AIDS, hunger and all the social problems in this world. I am obsessed with fairytales and pop culture and I love animals and high fashion!

Do you have any message for Eurovision fans all around the world?

– Dear fans across the world. Be kind to the world, be kind to each other! Live your lives to the full and love Eurovision. Don’t take Eurovision too seriously; it’s just a big party!
And a note for all the fans who will be watching EMA 2018 on 17th and 24th February – If you like my song, my performance and me, you can support me on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Share your support throughout the Balkan region. I will do my best, presenting my song to you and if you can vote – VOTE FOR ME!

Love you all and I hope we’re gonna see each other in Lisbon in May!

Thanks for taking the time to chat to us Orter and best of luck in EMA on 17th Feburary!

Who do #YOU want to represent Slovenia in Eurovision? Share your thoughts with us on our forum HERE or join the discussion below and on social media!

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