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Seven years ago, an issue of Science Magazine published an article regarding research conducted by faculty at the Physics Department at Northeastern University in the United States.  The study found that although we understand that human behaviors and actions can be random and unpredictable at times, an estimated 93% of what we do is predictable.

With that said, let’s embrace this predictability and discuss what we “know” will occur this season with the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.  Here are 15 that I have predicted will occur this season:


  • A contingency of fans will demand that an injustice from last year’s national final season be rectified by having the “screwed-over” artist be internally selected as this year’s artist.
  • We will cry foul when a favorite in a national selection is not selected.
  • There will be a group of songs left behind in the national selections that will be so much better than what actually makes it to Eurovision from other countries.
  • A contingency of fans will proclaim this to be the worst Eurovision ever, due to proposed stage design, selection of songs, etc.
  • Ticket sales will not go as planned (but people will have no problem buying decent tickets at the last minute).



  • Rehearsals will cause us to fear for a fan favorite’s ability to qualify for the final, just to realize we had nothing to worry about from the get-go when they do.
  • A contingency of fans from one country will take a member of the media’s dislike for their country’s song as a personal attack on the country
  • A favorite will flop and not make it out of the finals.
  • We will cheer for a country’s long-awaited return to the finals.
  • Bloc-voting, in one form or another, will rear its ugly head, for credible or non-credible reasons.



  • Someone will cry for an overhaul of the voting system.
  • The media will completely misquote what an artist says, be it spreading a false rumor or taking something completely out of context.
  • An artist will be a sore loser and complain about not doing as well as they had thought they should have done.
  • Someone will complain about rigged voting.
  • The OGAE song contests (Second Chance, Song Contest, Video Contest) will be filled with previous entrants rather than fresh new faces.


What do #YOU think? Is Eurovision that predictable? What did we miss? Share your thoughts with us on our forum HERE, or join the discussion on social media and below!


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