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As we stand days away from the beginning of 2018, we look forward to the bigger and better things that will surely come with the new year.  To help us all become the best versions of ourselves, we create New Year resolutions.  And as Eurovision fans, we can do the same.  Without further ado, I present the Eurovision fan New Year resolution list.

  • I will be a respectful fan, both online and offline. I will not attack, insult, or defame other fans.
  • I will cheer loudly for all Eurovision artists (but will scream the loudest for my favorites).
  • Regardless if I am in it for the music, the staging, or just the novelty, my own personal opinions of Eurovision will not be used to diminish the enjoyment of others.
  • If I make it to the live shows, I will cheer loudly if I make it on camera (no one likes an unenthusiastic fan that just stands there!)
  • I will be open to learning about new artists and music through the Eurovision national selection process (don’t just root for whoever was “wronged” last year)
  • If the EBU enacts a rule or policy that I do not agree with, I will respectfully voice my disagreement.
  • Even if I am at risk of butchering the language, I will try my best to sing along to my favorite songs not in my native tongue.
  • If I make it to the live shows, I will make sure my phone or iPad does not block the view of any other fans (I paid $200 in tickets to get 10-second clips that pale in comparison to the TV broadcasts).
  • I will not personally attack the artists. I may dislike or even flat-out hate a song, but I will never go for low-blows.
  • I will make new friends from other cities and countries through our shared love of Eurovision.

Since many of us are also bloggers, journalists, etc. for Eurovision-related websites/blogs, I saved a couple extra just for us!

  • I will cover Eurovision-related matters when no one else wants to. I will give it the respect that it deserves!
  • I will not sell my Eurovision swag for exorbitant prices on EBay (see HERE)
  • I will not start rumors just for the sake of getting attention for my website.
  • I will not get a huge ego because I write for a Eurovision-related website (You are not Beyonce…)
  • I will stop and take time to sit back and appreciate my involvement with Eurovision.


What do #YOU think? What are your Eurovision resolutions? What did we miss? Share your thoughts with us on our forum HERE, or join the discussion on social media and below!

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