This morning we heard some exciting news from EBU. In the tweet (photo below) they said that we could expect some changes to come.


The details will be explained tomorrow, but still we can guess what are the changes about.

Some speculations explaines that China or Kazakhstan are about to debut to the Contest. But EBU was clear about this. They denied both of this countries could enter Eurovision soon. However, some exciting change could also mean the change in the way they look in this two countries.

While some people think we will have some more non-European countries at the Contest, another believes the starting time is about to change. The executive Producer of Eurovision Song Contest explained that 21:00 CET is too late and the change to 20:00 CET would make it a truly family event.

Some of the fans believe the change is about a voting. As we know Serbia is the last country to win the contest by only televoting. Last year, we had Italy as a winner of televoting, but jury gave them only 6th place. Maybe we will be back to 2007 when we had only televoting, who knows?

Some Eurovision fan posted this photo (below) on Twitter, and it explaines that the contest is about to be held in all four arenas in Stockholm. This is interesting, right?


Don’t be upset because the EBU will tomorrow reveal what the change is. Special show begins at 10:00 CET. Stay tuned with ESCUnited!

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  2. Graciela Fajardo Rodriguez

    February 18, 2016 at 04:43

    NZ? Lol

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