We’re not sure if they will be able to return to the contest owing to their current problems, but our readers dearly miss Bosnia & Herzegovina’s participation in Eurovision. Who would we want to see singing for the Balkan nation if they were to come back to us in 2016?

Dubioza Kolektiv would be a novel approach for a Bosnian return according to our readers!
Dubioza Kolektiv would be a novel approach for a Bosnian return according to our readers!

There was little competition for the quirky Dubioza Kolektiv who our readers have chosen as their dream Bosnian entrant. Hard to pin down in genre, the group could bring one of the most unusual Eurovision entries to date but could also surprise on the scoreboard. Risky choices have paid off in the past for many others, so why not in this case too? They even wrote a song about Eurovision, which can be heard below!

Unfortunately the band is a seven-piece, meaning one member would have to watch from the green room if our readers were to get their own way. Perhaps a small price to pay?

Second in our poll, narrowly ahead of the rest, were 2009 participants Regina, whereas other suggested artists included Emina Jahović, a popular Serbian-Turkish singer and 2008 singer Laka.

The full suggestions (draws in random order);

Dubioza Kolektiv, Regina, Nena Ukraden, Emina Jahović, Divanhana, Halka, Laka, Maya Berović, Caylana, Elena Palavra

The ESC United Dream Team so far;

  • Turkey – Gülşen
  • Armenia – Lilit Hovhannisyan
  • Czech Republic – Lenka Dusilová and Baromantika
  • San Marino – Valentina Monetta
  • Latvia – MNTHA
  • Belarus – Elena Sinyavskaya
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina – Dubioza Kolektiv

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at another former participant – who should sing if Slovakia come back?

Should Dubioza Kolektiv rock the stage for Bosnia & Herzegovina or is there a better potential suitor? Share your thoughts below or join the discussion on our forum!

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  1. […] Joint top with Jelena who could also be considered as our dream team participants are Luke Black, Dragana Mirković and Emina Jahović, who was also suggested for Bosnia and Herzegovina. […]

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