The day has come for Denmark and DR, and today marked the day when we finally got to know the 10 artists that will perform during the Danish national final Dansk Melodi Grand Prix to fight for the Danish ticket to Lisbon!


The reveal took place this morning in Copenhagen, which featured a lot of related names to Eurovision, such as Keld and Hilda Heick, Jørgen De Mylius Kirsten Siggård, Søren Bundgård and many more, who all got the honor of presenting the singers. The singers were revealed in the order that they will sing in.

  • Song #1: Ditte Marie – Riot
    34 year old Ditte Marie is back, and once again on her own. She previously participated in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2011 along with the group Le Freak, and as a solo act as well in 2012. Other than that, she currently performs in musicals both in- and outside Denmark.
  • Song #2: Anna Ritsmar – Starlight
    A 17 year young singer, who has some experience from performing on X Factor back in 2016, but only managed to reach the bootcamp stage. Otherwise she also performs regularly with the groups Spektaro and Aufori.
  • Song #3: Rasmussen – Higher Ground
    Full name is Jonas Flodager Rasmussen, but simply known as Rasmussen normally performs with the cover band Hair Metal Heroes. He also have some experience from performing in musicals, both in Aarhus and Holstebro. He’s also a lecture at a culture school in Viborg, as well in Aarhus Theater school.
  • Song #4: Sannie Carlson – Boys & Girls
    Back in 1994, she released the hit single “Saturday Night” under the name Whigfield, but will during Dansk Melodi Grand Prix perform under her own name. Her last album as Whigfield was released back in 2012, and she has since performed under her own name.
  • Song #5: Sandra – Angels To My Battelfield
    Sandra is only 20 years old, and was discovered online by Chief 1, who has previously produced songs that went to represent Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest. Normally, Sandra is a helper at a production school, and this will be her debut as a performer.
  • Song #6: Lasse Meling – Unfound
    Lasse was only 13 years old, when he was discovered on Youtube. He is now 19 years old, and has since he was discovered worked on songs with well respected songwriters in New York. He made his debut back in 2013 with the single “All About You”.
  • Song #7: CARLSEN – Standing Up For Love
    This trio consists of the three sisters of Vanja, Laila and Barbara. They all originate from the Faroe Isles and together they have performed in a gospel choir, as well as toured in America and released  a EP. Daily, then Vanja is a nurse, while Laila and Barbara are hair and makeup artists.
  • Song #8: KARUI – Signals
    Born as Annelie Karui Saemala, she is a volunteer at a boarding school. She has sung in both classical and gospel choirs participated in various musicals at the Opera House of Jutland, as well performed with multiple cover bands.
  • Song #9: Rikke Ganer-Tolsøe – Holder Fast I Ingenting
    Rikke is the only singer to perform a song in Danish, she is normally a blogger, and was ultimately discovered on Instagram as a singer. She also has a facebook page, where she post herself singing cover songs.
  • Song #10: Albin – Music For The Road
    Finally we have Albin, who originates from Sweden, but has in the past 11 years been part of Wallmans Dinnershow at Cirkusbygningen, Copenhagen. This will be his second time at Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, since he also took part back in 2013, with the song “Beautiful To Me”.

These will be the 10 names that will compete in less than 3 weeks in Gigantium, where the Danish national final will take place this year. The song will be released on the 5th of February, while the final takes place on the 10th of February.

Are #YOU looking forward to this years Dansk Melodi Grand Prix? Share your thoughts with us on our forum HERE or join the discussion below and on social media!

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