In 3 hrs, the Danish National Final will start. We have prepared a short biography of each participant and also you can watch the 2 interview that we did to some of the participants.

Song number 1: ”One” performed by Ida Una.

The song is written by Peter Bjørnskov & Lene Dissing.

The singer and songwriter Peter Bjørnskov saw Ida Una’s videos on youtube and Instagram and got in touch with her because her to perform “One”.

She is 19 years old and grew up in Højer in southern Jutland and has now moved to Aarhus to study.

She grew up in a family full of music and she still can’t believe to be a part of Melodi Grand Prix.

One day Ida hopefully will be able to live from music and she looks so much forward to perform at Boxen.

“I like that there is such a big focus on songwriting and to present new music, my song is very positive and a real pop song about taking care of each other and support each other wether it is family and friend or on a bigger scale”

The songwriting team were behind the song that came second in Melodi Grand Prix in 2011 ( Anne Noa “Sleepless”) and the song that came second in 2013 (Mohamed Ali “Unbreakable”).

Peter Bjørnskov also wrote the song that came second in 2010 ( Bryan Rice “Breathing”)

The question is : Will 2017 be the year they will reach the top ?




Song number 2: “Vesterbro” performed and written by Thomas Ring.

The winner of X Factor in Denmark in 2010. He released his debut the year after that gave him a gold award “Wrong side of daylight” later followed by “Daylight”. So far he is the only X Factor Denmark winner to have released two albums on a major label after his win.

His latest album was released on his birthday 17th February 2017 and his debut singing in Danish “Gadedreng”( Streetboy).

“I see Melodi Grand Prix as a songwriting competition and I see myself as both a composer and singer. I love to perform live and I am also in for competition of course.

My new album is more melodic and electronic compared with my previous releases.

It is a tribute to Vesterbro which is a part of Copenhagen where I got the inspiration for my song.

I am used to work alone and it suits me the best”

Will the only song sung in Danish be the song that will make the 36 year old quit his teaching job for good ?


Song number 3: “Color my world” performed by Rikke Skytte.

The song is written by Mads Løkkegaard from Denmark , Joël Paigël MacDonald from the Netherlands, Mohamed Alitou also from NL and Laura Kloos from Germany.

The 18 year old from Aalborg has uploadet several songs to youtube “Here we go” and “I don’t like you” and last year her song “My vibe” was released on Spotify. A song about how she treat men and that included the word “fuckboys”.

Rikke explains “I might appear as good girl the way I dress and appear but I can be wild and dance on tables. In my family Melodi Grand Prix always was a thing that united the whole family so they were super excited when I told them I was going to appear. My song is a pop song with a twist of indie. It is about when you lose pieces of yourself and you put them together in a new way then you see the world in new colors.

In her daily life Rikke Skytte is finishing last year at college at a music orientated line.

Mads Løkkegaard has previously had 3 songs in Melodi Grand Prix and got his best result so far in 2007 with James Sampson “Say you love me” that came second.

Maybe 2017 will prove that he can be fourth time lucky ?


Song Number 4: “Where I am” performed by Anja.

Written by Anja Nissen, Michael D’arcy and Angel Tupai.

The grand prix darling is back. Anja came second in 2016 with “Never Alone”. The song was later chosen to represent Denmark for the Second Chance Contest.

Even though she was born and raised in Australia she has Danish parents and speaks Danish as well and has a lot of family in Denmark.

Despite that the danes did not learn about Anja until last year she actually won The Voice of Australia in 2014.

“I love Denmark and I feel at home here and my dream is to represent Denmark at Eurovision Song Contest. My song is more personal this time and it is about opening up towards others and not to ask too many questions when you have found love but just to be yourself and be in it. Do not hold yourself back. It feels like a dynamic anthem with a lot of power and it is very personal to me”

Angel Tupai is known for being in the Australian X Factor in 2012.

Michael D’arcy has previously written for 5 seconds of summer, Stan Walker and Jessica Mauboy.

Jessica was the interval act at Eurovision in Copenhagen back in 2014, a year before Australia joined the competition full blooded.




 Song number 5 : “Sweet little lies”performed by Calling Mercury.

Written by Thomas Sardorf, Rune Braager and Martin Luke Brown.

The duo consisting of Jeppe Norup and Joel Peters both 25 years old and living in Copenhagen.

Their band name used to be MerkurMaend (Mercury Men) has previously had songs out on youtube and soundcloud and had one live performance so far so being on stage Saturday will be a huge step for them.

“It is such an honour for us to be a part of this and be here. We have never experienced anything like it. We are not the classic grand prix types. We are a bit nerdy but we are happy to be able to modernize the competition. Usually our genre is more electronic but this song is a more laidback pop song and is about losing a love because you ended p telling some lies you of course never should told to begin with.

Martin Luke Brown is a britsh singer and songwriter.

Thomas Sardorf was half of the duo in the 00’s with Bombay Rockers.

Since then he has written for the likes of Kylie Minogue and Anna David.

He was behind Babou’s 2015 entry “Manjana”that came 5th.

Rune Braager is a veteran at Melodi Grand Prix with “Sweet little lies” being his song number 8 in the national final. His song “Get a life” was the entry for Andorra in 2009 performed by fellow Susanne Georgi that is known as half of the sister duo Me and My that were at Melodi Grand Prix in 2007 with “Two are stronger than one”

Can the likes of a strong songwriting team combined with a male duo be the winning formula this year ?


Song number 6: “Smoke in my eyes” performed by Anthony.

Written by Kim Nowak-Zorde, Kasper Larsen, Hans Petersen, Ollie Marland & Phil Plested.

Anthony was in 2014 writing X Factor history being the first non solo artist to win the tv show as a duo together with Jasmin,

Their winning single “Do Ya” topped the charts and they made an ep “Stick together” but despite that title they actually split after half a year. They both had their entry as individual solo artist but were thrown together for the show.

The 22 year old then moved from greater Copenhagen to Miami and there he did pause his music career and found great success with a Danish boutique and coffee shop Dr Smood.

“My plan is to return to Denmark and to music again this spring. This is my way to show that I am still here and I can’t wait to share my music with you again and share the joy of being creative. My song is an uptempo  popsong with soul and r`n´b influences.

The song is about a guy that has fallen for a girl that is making him so crazy. He does not know how to react to her signals and it is a song I totally can relate to.

Kim Nowak-Zorde has previously written for Sanne Salomonsen and Christopher and was also behind Basim’s winner song “Cliché love song”

Kasper Larsen  and Hans Petersen were in 2014 behind Emelie Moldov´s entry “Vi finder hjem”.

The two brits Ollie Marland and Phil Plested has Little Mix “Touch” on their c.v.

Will 2017 finally be the year where a soul r´n´b song will convince the Danish jury and public that the time is finally ripe for this genre ?




Song number 7:”Warriors” performed by René Machon.

Written by Astrid Cordes, Alexander Grandjean, Hans Petersen & Lars Andersen.

The 42 year old Copenhagen based singer is back in the contest after a one year hitius.

In 2015 he sang “Mi Amore” together with Tina that finished 7th place.

Now he is back and so ready to take the lead and show what he is made of.

“Back then I was not prepared at all for the show but now I am. I have so much more in me that I want you to see and of course I will do it all this time. Usually I am fronting a band so I am used to it. Now I am all by myself and it is in ways harder but also means I am completely responsible for how it goes me and me alone. My song can lead you to think of the likes of Coldplay.

It is a strong love song about fighting for love and fighting for your relationship. Sometimes it is easier to just walk away. But you have to be a warrior and fight.”

As a father of four he must know what he is talking about.

Astrid Cordes has been part of the group Like A Tiger but is now half of the duo Shy Shy Shy.

This is the first song she has in Melodi Grand Prix.

Alexander Grandjean has apart from releasing his own music also written for Freja Kirk, Medina and Joey Moe.

Will 2017 change the scoreboard for René so that he will be second time lucky ?



Song number 8: “Northern Lights” performed by Sada Vidoo.

Written by Christoffer Lauridsen, Andreas Öhrn and Alessandra Günthardt.

Sada is no stranger to the public eye after she blew the UK X Factor panel away with her stunning version of Pat Benetar’s “Love is a battlefield” seen by nearly 3 million people on youtube and one of the most talked about auditions where she became known for being a living doll.

She was also part of the final at Wembley in December.

Her debut full length album came out in 2014 “A story with no end” after 15 years with singles and being a guest vocalist on a variety of tracks.

She is also the writer behind the mega hit from Infernal “Ten Miles”

“People always think of me as someone wearing a mask and playing a role. For me it all about freedom to be myself and be who I am. In my life there is no weekdays or routines. I wake up to each day looking forward to wear a new dress and to enjoy being who I am. That makes me happy.

In my family Melodi Grand Prix means reunion and uniting. Melodi Grand Prix has always played a big part of my life and it is a joy to be here and was my inspiration to become a singer.

My song is about that no matter where we are we all look up at the same sky. That is for me “Northern Lights”. The feeling of unity and being one.

It is a classic Melodi Grand Prix composition combined with dubstep.

Christoffer Lauridsen was behind Sophia Nohr’s “Blue Horizon” from Melodi Grand Prix last year.

Andreas Öhrn and Alessandra Günthardt are both part of the Swedish electronic group Gravitonas and wrote Azerbaijanis “Start a fire” entry in 2014.



Song number 9: “Hurricane” performed by Jeanette Bonde.

Written by Jeanette Bonde, Alexander Grandjean, Jeppe Pilgaard Ulrichsen and Nermin Harambasic.

 The 30 year old Aarhus based singer and songwriter is now ready to take the lead.

After being a backing vocalist for many big range and diverse names Jeanette is so excited to present a song she co-wrote.

She has been writing songs since she was 12 years old. For the last ten years she has been part of the Gunnertoft Gospelsingers and she has studied music and got a degree in singing and song writing and managing a choir from academy Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium.

“ I came from a steady job within music teaching but my gut feeling told me to quit and now I am a freelance full time musician and I simply love it. I am doing what I love the most.

It was the best decision I have ever made. When the song was done and I heard I felt that I should be the one performing it and so the story goes. Despite it being an electronic pop sang it still leaves space for a lot of emotion and feelings. The song is about being honest about who you are even in times when life is hard. It is important for me to tell you : you are not alone. We all have the feeling of insecurity in us but remember to embrace yourself.

All songwriters are having their debut at Melodi Grand Prix ( Alexander Grandjean having two songs in it!).

Jeppe Pilgaard Ulrichsen also has a degree within music from the academy.

Nermin Harambasic from Norway has found success in Asia through the Dsign Music songwriting team to artists like Girls´ Generation and Red Velvet.

Will it take a “Hurricane” to take Jeanette all the way to the top ?



Song number 10: “A.S.A.P” performed by Johanna Beijbom.

Written by Peter Wallevik, Daniel Heloy Davidsen, Patrick Devine, Christian Fast, Dimitri Stassos and Freja Jonsson Blomberg.

The 29 year old Swede Johanna is no stranger to Eurovision having been on stage at Eurovision Song Contest as a backing vocalist no less than four times already and with one of them being Loreen “Euphoria”.

“Ever since I saw Carola perform it has been my biggest dream to perform on my own and here I am. It is a dream come true. Being in Baku is the wildest I have ever experienced in my life. When I see it today it seems so unreal to me but I was there!. Music is a language that unites people regardless of borders and I am so thankful to be able to come here and represent Denmark and show that we can work together across borders. It is a song about love and the feeling of longing for the one you love. A real disco pop floor filler.”

The six piece song writing team certainly lives up to that since they are from Denmark, Ireland and Sweden. Having worked with Kylie Minogue, Little Mix, One Direction, Olly Murs and Rasmus Seebach.

Dimitri Stassos and Freja Jonsson Blomberg were last year a part of the team responsible for Veronicas Illusion “The wrong kind” at Melodi Grand Prix in 2016.

Will this heavy hit orientated team be the formula for Denmark to  finally send a Swede to the contest?





Year 2015 marked a change.

Denmark’s Radio actually skipped the word Dansk !

Not everyone was happy.

They wanted to modernize the contest and show that it had international format and that it should not be seen as a particular Danish contest but more widespread.

It still to this day confuse people.

As we know from 2015 and 2016 Denmark did not even qualify.

Having said that most songs are being sung in English anyway and personally I like to have a more international touch but it can be confusing people with Melodi Grand Prix from Norway…

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