Once again, the news are getting more and more lively and interesting, when it comes to the 2023 season. Now out of nowhere, Cyprus had decided to spice things up and announce their act, for the upcoming contest.

Keeping it internal for 2023

To those with a great memory, this might come as a surprise, but to those that have forgotten, the national broadcaster of Cyprus (CyBC), had originally planned and even announced more than 2 years ago now, that they would set for a national final in 2023. At one point, it even felt like that CyBC even was more focused on the 2023 contest, than the 2022 contest, and it someway it still might feel like it. Could Cyprus get some redemption in 2023?

Anyhow, the choice is clear, and Andrew Lambrou has been internally selected to represent the small Mediterranean island for the contest, to be held in Liverpool. However, at this point, there is no mention of when his song for the contest will be released.

Andrew Lambrou was actually born in Australia, but descents from a Greek-Cypriot family, hence why he’ll represent Cyprus. The young singer is 24 years old at the time of writing and we be as well, by the end of the contest in Liverpool. Just like many others as of late, he was discovered online when he started to upload covers online. In 2015, he participated in The X Factor Australia, where he finished top 20 and finally released his debut single in 2021, which was called “Throne“.

If you wonder, does this singer has any connection to the Eurovision Song Contest, well it appears that he does. Lambrou even took part in in Australia Decides earlier this year, where he came 7th with the song “Electrify“. (Video below)

The selection of Andrew Lambrou, comes in a collaboration between CyBC of Cyprus, Panik Records of Greece and City Pop Records of Australia. Once again, no details about when to expect the release of his song for the contest, but it can be expected sometime in 2023.

What do #YOU think about Andrew Lambrou, and what kind of song do #YOU expect from him?
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Source(s): Eurovision.TV

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