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As we wind down the calendar year and prepare for the release of ESC Radio’s ESC 250 list, I’ve been thinking a lot about what my personal 250 list would look like. Despite only being a fan for 5 years, I’ve listened to nearly all of the Eurovision entries at least once, currently work on a podcast where we review past contests and current happenings, and of course work for ESCUnited. All this to say, I’ve done a lot of my homework on the 1,500+ songs that make up the Eurovision playbook. Every few days I will release a new chunk on my list, leading up to the grand reveal of ESC Radio’s ESC 250 on December 31st 2019.

So enough talking, let’s dive back in shall we?

#54 – Dami Im – Sound Of Silence (Australia, 2016)

The woman who really put Australia on the Eurovision map, Dami Im just misses out on the top 50. While I love this song, the drama, and most importantly here flawless performance of the song, there were some other songs that were slightly better for me. There is no denying that this was the best Australian entry…for a few years.

#53 – Maarja – Keelatud Maa (Estonia, 1997)

This is definitely a wildcard entry, as no one seems to talk about this beautiful Estonian entry. While I enjoy a lot of the songs from 1997 and agree with most of the placements, this song should have swapped places with Ireland’s “Mysterious Woman” which came 2nd. Such an underappreciated song.

#52 – Cascada – Glorious (Germany, 2013)

The queen of eurodance music, we most certainly were not worthy of her presence. Germany had a lot going for them with this entry, from a great vocalist, wonderful track, and an artist with international acclaim. Sadly, they ruined every chance she had by handing her a pitiful staging concept. Regardless, this song is still a complete bop and the most played song by a German artist on my office playlist (which combines Eurovision and non-Eurovision songs).

#51 – Sergey Lazarev – You Are The Only One (Russia, 2016)

Attempt number one from the Russian sensation, and the better of his two tries. I will admit, whenever I hear this song I instantly visualize the staging alongside the lyrics. It’s hard not to when this was the most technically challenging and stunning staging of 2016. Sergey delivered a stunning performance with a fantastic song, and this was deserving of a top 3 finish. The rank for this song, and those to follow really came down to how often I play or listed to them.

#50 – Verka Serduchka – Dancing Lasha Tumbai (Ukraine, 2007)

Only one word can describe this song: ICONIC. It’s crazy to think that not only is Verka singing in German, but that she also become the most successful drag act in Eurovision history with what many label as a “joke” entry. That is, until Conchita came in 2014. Let’s face it, 12 years later and Verka’s song is still as fresh and exciting as it was in 2007.

#49 – Kristian Kostov – Beautiful Mess (Bulgaria, 2017)

This song was everything when it came out, and I will admit that this was and still is my winner of the 2017 contest. It contained emotion, suspense, depth, and most importantly it was captivating. Add in the masterpiece of a staging that the Bulgarian delegation created for Kiev, and you’ve got a force to be reckoned with. Sorry Salvador, but this one takes the cake.

#48 – Maywood – Ik Wil Alles Met Je Delen (The Netherlands, 1990)

My goodness, this was a hidden gem of the 90’s. Prior to this year I didn’t actually know this song existed, but now that I do I can’t get it out of my head. The melody, the singer’s voice, the track, the dress, it’s all so perfect. I’ve mentioned a lot of crimes in this series but this song coming 15th overall has to be one of the largest crimes of all time. Shame on Europe.

#47 – Hanna Pakarinen – Leave Me Alone (Finland, 2007)

“Leave Me Alone” is hands down one of the best non-winning host entries in Eurovision history. Not only did she accept the challenge of defending her countries first ever win, she also KILLED that stage. How this came 17th is also a complete mystery because it’s not like 2007 had 16 better songs in the final. If only Finland still sent entries with of this quality to the contest.

#46 – Sergej Ćetković – Moj Svijet (Montenegro, 2014)

This is hands down the best entry from Montenegro of all time, and I certainly hope you don’t disagree with me. Sure, Russia brought a figure skater in 2008 but they didn’t have one skate across the entire stage now did they? Sergej’s song give me chills whenever I listen to it, because it’s that beautiful. The delegation needs to get back to this level and fast.

#45 – Eugent Bushpepa – Mall (Albania, 2018)

The god of Albanian music as I call him is of course deserving of a top 50 spot on the list. Whenever I hear this song I usually tear up slightly. One because this song is that amazing and wonderful but also because we may never get another song from Albania that is that good. He is everything I love in Albanian music, but with a rock and roll twist. I don’t think Albania can ever top this entry in my opinion.

#44 – Hari Mata Hari – Lejla (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2006)

My body was not ready for this level of magic, and still isn’t ready. This song is a great example of how amazing Bosnia and Herzegovina’s entries were in the contest, and how true they were to their culture’s identity. The fact that Dima Bilan’s bland song finished ahead of this will never be okay with me.

#43 – Ivi Adamou – La La Love (Cyprus, 2012)

My 2012 guilty pleasure, but it’s also an amazing song entirely on it’s own. Yes I know that I complain a lot about the constant dance songs from Cyprus, but goodness this one was so freaking good. In fact, you could say I “La La Love” it. This song really showed Europe that they meant business this decade.

#42 – Vicky Leandros – Après Toi (Luxembourg, 1972)

One of the only songs that I actually remember from the ’72 contest is this one, which explains why it ended up winning. It’s a calming song that also contains a lot of power, and it’s extremely catchy. I also catch myself singing this song as if I know French. At least I’ve got the title down.

#41 – Ieva Zasimauskaitė – When We’re Old (Lithuania, 2018)

My guilty pleasure from 2018 is my next song, and I’ve talked about songs having emotion, but this one was written entirely about emotion. When I hear this I get close to tears every time, because it’s such a relatable song and when it came out, was the life dream to experience. Ugh, gets me every single time. Pair the story with Ieva’s beautiful vocal ability…it’s no shock that I placed it this high.

#40 – Danijela – Neka Mi Ne Svane (Croatia, 1998)

This one is probably a bit of a surprise, and I’ll tell you why I put this song on my list. For starters, this song has a wonderful track and melody, and it is perfect for the timbre of Danijela’s voice. Plus, the way it starts out so simple and innocent and then evolves into a 90’s power ballad was so genius. Add in the outfit change at the big build, this song did everything right. A+ from me.

Well that’s it for this installment of the Eurovision 250 list. Tune back in tomorrow as I reveal songs #25-39 on my list!

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