New Year is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean we can already start to party. Ok, it does. 🙂 But we can also be serious and bring you another interview with EMA participant.

We have all been waiting for her to come back, and she will try this year. Yes, it’s Maja Keuc, now known as Amaya.

Amaya, hello! First I have to ask you why did you decide to apply for EMA again? 

It just felt like the time was right, I missed my home country and felt like the Eurovision’s stage would be a great place to introduce my new music and who I’ve become since then. I just graduated from the Music academy in Holland, signed with a production company in Stockholm and had a lot of new music written to be put out. They also suggested that move to potentially reach out to a wide audience that the Eurovision has.

You’ve earned the best result for Slovenia this decade. Do think that you can top that if you win EMA and go back to Eurovision?

Hehe, I have absolutely no idea. Eurovision is such a peculiar place and it’s almost impossible to speculate. I’ve been only 19 when I represented my country and have gained a lot of experience and knowledge since then – so I hope that will be in my advantage this time.

Can you tell us something about your song?

I’d actually like to keep that information for a letter matter 🙂

I’ve asked other EMA participants who do they consider as their biggest competitor, but since you are one of the biggest favorites, I want to ask you how does that make you feel?

I am? Had no idea! 🙂 I’m of course flattered and honoured to be in a such good company next year. It will be one of our best EMA festivals so far I dare to say. Our National TV put in a lot of effort as well.



Your favorite Eurovision song?

Loreen’s Euphoria.

Would you be so kind and reveal us something interesting about yourself, something that isn’t widely known?

Huh, that is a hard one. I found chocolate irresistible and am able to eat incredible amounts at once, but everyone knows that! I love food in general, I am a vegetarian and I love animals & nature. I love airports because they always lead me somewhere, I have time to dream away and I see so many different people, wondering what they’re doing for living and where they’re heading. I want to start reading more books again since I spent a lot of my childhood in a library. I love everything that is cozy – environment affects my mood a lot.

Maja, thank you so much! I wish you all the best at EMA and in 2017!

Thank you for your questions! Also, best regards to all escYOUnited staff and your fans and followers! 🙂

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