Ahead of this weekend’s French selection for Eurovision 2021, we wanted to get to know the artists a little better, and learn what drove them to participate in the competition.

This time we say Yalla ya Helo! to Ali, who will take part with “Paris me dit”. We spoke about his Lebanese roots and coming to France, the visual side of his performance and the meaning of his entry!

Hi Ali! Thank you for taking the time to speak to us. How are you preparing yourself for the big day? Can you give us some details about your performance?

I am trying to stay focused on the performance. We just finished working on the stage set and lighting, it will be an amazing performance! I am a very visual person, so things need to be bold and beautiful. The performance will tell the same story that I will be singing. I can’t wait!

After your numerous artistic projects, what led you to participate in the Eurovision selection?

I love tackling art in different forms and I always knew that I was gonna do a music project. But as you know I am self taught in this industry and now I am ready to share my musical universe with everyone! I’ve always been a big fan of Eurovision, so participating in Eurovision for me was like a dream. I never thought it was reaaaallly gonna happen, but here I am today!

What message do you want to share with “Paris Me Dit”?

With my song “Paris Me Dit”, I want to talk to the world about my France. You know, I was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. I decided to leave Lebanon and come to France because I decided to chase my dreams and not give up. France has opened its arms to me, and I want to tell the world about that! About France, what France really is about!

What is your favorite ESC song? And your favorite French Eurovision song?

My favorite Eurovision song is “Paris me dit ( Yalla ya Helo!)”, I don’t know why I really connect to this song. Hahahaha!

My favorite French song would be “Je n’ai que mon âme” by Natasha St-Pier. I love this song, it is so powerful!

Thank you for your time Ali! We wish you the best of luck in C’est vous qui décidez!

Ali will take part in this weekend’s Eurovision France, c’est vous qui décidez with the song “Paris me dit (Yalla ya helo!)”, hoping to represent France in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.

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