Who will take home the Eurovision trophy in 2015?
Who will take home the Eurovision trophy in 2015?

A month ago we took a look at the betting odds for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. Today we will take a look to see how the odds have changed. It is unlikely that the odds will change much until the rehearsals begin, but within the last month some countries have changed significantly. When we last took a look at the odds we looked at one of the leading bookmakers, William Hill, so today we will do the same. You can check the former odds HERE.

Sweden 11/8
Italy 7/2
Australia 5/1
Estonia 8/1
Finland 12/1
Russia 20/1
Norway 20/1
Israel 25/1
Azerbaijan 25/1
Slovenia 25/1
United Kingdom 33/
Iceland 40/1
Belgium 50/1
Albania 50/1
Latvia 50/1
Spain 50/1
Belarus 50/1
Serbia 50/1
Austria 66/1
Armenia 66/1
Cyprus 80/1
Malta 80/1
Romania 80/1
Netherlands 80/1
Greece 80/1
Ireland 100/1
France 100/1
Germany 100/1
Czech Republic 100/1
Hungary 100/1
Hungary 100/1
Lithuania 100/1
Denmark 100/1
Macedonia 100/1
Georgia 100/1
Moldova 100/1
Montenegro 100/1
Poland 100/1
Portugal 100/1
San Marino 100/1
Switzerland 100/1

Israel are the biggest climbers formerly 80/1 and now 25/1. Albania were formerly 100/1 and now 50/1. Iceland were 66/1 and now 40/1. While Slovenia, United Kingdom, Greece, and Armenia seem to be the biggest fallers. Sweden are still favourites, followed by Italy still, although newcomers, Australia are now 3rd favourites.

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  1. […] according to the bookmakers. By now, Sweden, Italy and Australia keep the first positions. – 2015: Who Will Win – Betting Odds 2 – on Escunited (April 25, 2015 in […]

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