The Danish broadcaster DR announced their vision on the ‘postcards’ for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Show producer Jan Lagermand Lundme said that “We will be closer to the participants. You as a viewer should get the feeling you know the artist who is on the stage. ” But what does that mean?

postcard 2010
ESC 2010 postcard showing Flash Mobs around the continent

In case you don’t know what Eurovision postcards are, they are the short clips played between the songs which traditionally has been used to either introduce the next act or promote the country by showing popular tourist spots or the people of the country.

This year the artists will be asked to take close look  and interpret the flag of their country. The intent is to give the viewers the opportunity to get the know the artist a little bit better (and the country). Lundme continues to elaborate on that advising that if the viewer is more familiar with the country and the artist than they were before, this would be considered goal accomplished.

The film crews will be sent around the continent over the upcoming months produced by Treshow Film Production



How do you like this idea and which postcards over the past few years have you liked the best? Share your thoughts with us.



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One Comment

  1. Zack

    January 17, 2014 at 14:30

    Let’s see what sort of propaganda some of the countries throw out via their artists. Or better yet, can’t wait to see the artists totally get the meaning of the flags wrong. This’ll be like Miss Universe, but more cracktastic!

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