Estonian national broadcaster Eesti Rahvusringhääling (ERR), revealed via, the 20 finalists for their much-anticipated national final Eesti Laul. The qualifying singers, their songs, and the writers are:

  • August Hunt – “Kus On EXIT?” – August Hunt
  • Brigita Murutar – “Laule Täis Taevakaar” – Rainer Michelson, Feliks Kütt
  • Kõrsikud – “Tule Ja Jää” – Kõrsikud
  • Lauri Pihlap – “Lootus” – Lauri Pihlap
  • Lenna – “Supernoova” – Mihkel Raud
  • Maiken – “Siin Või Sealpool Maad” – Kadri Koppel
  • Maltised – “Elu” – Jakko Maltis
  • MiaMee – “Fearful Heart” – Liina Saar, Liisi Koikson
  • NimmerSchmidt – “Sandra” – Fredy Schmidt, Andero Nimmer, Merilyn Merisalu
  • Nion – “Muud Pole Vaja” – Karl Kanter, Keit Triisa, Marilyn Jurman
  • Norman Salumäe – “Search” – Norman Salumäe
  • Sandra Nurmsalu – “Kui Tuuled Pöörduvad” – Sven Lõhmus
  • Sofia Rubina – “City Lights” – Priit Juurmann, Sofia Rubina
  • State of Zoe – “Solina” – Anneliis Kits, Sander Mölder
  • Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band – “Maybe-Maybe” – Mati Sütt, Janno Reim
  • Tanja – “Amazing” – Written by Timo Vendt & Tatjana Mihhailova
  • The Titles – “Flame” – Rasmus Lill, Markus Rafael Nylund
  • Traffic – “Für Elise” – Stig Rästa, Silver Laas
  • VÖÖRAD – “Maailm On Hull” – Priit Uustulnd, Meiko Umal
  • Wilhelm – “Resignal” – Lauri Kadalipp
Sandra Nurmsalu returns to Eesti Laul this year with the song "Kui Tuuled Pöörduvad".
Sandra Nurmsalu returns to Eesti Laul this year with the song “Kui Tuuled Pöörduvad”. (Photo by Aaron Dowdeswell via Wikimedia Commons.)

A few familiar names are on the list: Sandra Nurmsalu was the lead singer and violinist for the band Urban Symphony, whose song “Rändajad” took 6th in Eurovision 2009, and Lauri Pihlap is half of the group 2XL who, along with Tanel Padar and Dave Benton, took home the Eurovision trophy in 2001.

A few of the songs on the list are already available for listening online. Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band’s “Maybe Maybe” is an eclectic mix of blues, indie sounds and catchy lyrics, while NimmerSchmidt’s “Sandra” has a decidedly 90s feel. Lenna’s Supernova combines solid yet heartfelt vocals with alternative rock, and a teaser for Lauri Pihlap’s “Lootus” showcases the song’s more urban sound.

Which of the songs so far do you think has the best chance of winning Eurovision for Estonia? Are you missing the crazy antics of Winny Puhh, or perhaps can’t wait for a teaser of Sandra Nurmsalu’s song? Let us know in the Estonia 2014 forums.

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