In case you live under a big rock and didn’t know: Australia is joining the Eurovisison family! Yes, you heard us right, Down Under is going to send an artist to the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna and will compete in the Final. According to the EBU, this is a one-time deal but we’ll see if that is actually going to be the case.

The news broke a few days ago and the ESC community basically exploded with people sharing their thoughts on this monumental decision so we were thinking about this as well and realized there are several things that we are expect to change and happen with Australia joining the contest. Let us know if you agree or if we missed anything


1. For people like me who don’t speak the language, we now have to learn another word in French and remember it.

hosts french



2. The new Eurovision map will look really confusing

australia map



3. The Eurovision opening will never be the same!

good evening europe



4. We finally have a country that won’t vote for its neighbors

australia 12 points


5. Per capita, Australia spends more on gambling than any other country in the world. That explains the current betting odds so we expect them to be at the top of the scoreboard no matter what.




6. Melbourne has the largest Greek population ouside of Athens. So you know what that means…………..

greece australia



7. Let’s reitterate this one last time: AUSTRALIA AND AUSTRIA ARE TWO DIFFERENT COUNTRIES:

austria vs australia


8. Australia holds the largest victory in any International football/soccer game when they beat American Samoa 31 – 0. We expect them to do the same in Vienna this year

australia scoreb oard



9. The Average Aussie drinks 96 litres of beer per year which probably means they’re going to be the biggest party animals in Vienna. 



10. And finally, one thing that’s NOT going to change. Olivia Newton-John is not being impressed with Australias “first” participation.

olivia newton john




In case you don’t get it, we are NOT being serious. So here is your lame disclaimer!

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