All opinions expressed in this article are those of the person quoted and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the other team members or ESC United as a whole.

On the eve of the Supernova semi-final on 3 February, fifteen Latvian acts will face a new challenge; the opinions of the ESCUnited staff. Four contributors have their thoughts on who should represent Latvia in Malmö, so sit back, and read up on the thoughts of Belgium’s Boris, Denmark’s David, California’s James, and New Mexico’s Tyler.

Each reviewer gave each of the fifteen acts a score from 1 to 10. The higher the score, the better they liked the song. Easy as that. The order of the songs is based on the current running order for the Supernova semi-final.

1. Agnese Rakovska – “AI”

David – 3 – A cool and very modern beat, it’s a great start to the song, but then the singing happens. Like, holy bloody hell, the autotune is REALLY overdoing it’s work here. I can barely understand the lyrics or what the song is even about. It also doesn’t help that the song remains similar throughout the song, with the interest eventually being lost.

James – 4A fairly dull trip hop song with overly processed lyrics dodgy enough to send a cyborg back in time to terminate. The metaphors get mixed. A lot. How do you dive into the Milky Way? And what does distance to it have to with love not being for sale? And what does this all have to do with A.I.? I guess it’s trendy to talk about A.I., but if you do, at least make it relevant. Right now, this song is just a vibe with a confused jumble of words thrown atop it.

Tyler – 5.5 – “AI” is a weird song (shocker coming from Agnese, amirite?). I like the beat and the sounds of the song itself. It’s chill and pleasant throughout the artificial aesthetic the song is going for. But this song can’t work live at all, right? The vocoder couldn’t be used for the vocals which gives the song its charm and if left on her own, I’m not sure Agnese could actually pull it off. I’d like to be proven wrong, but this song feels dead in the water.

Boris – 5.5Why do multiple entries sing about Artificial Intelligence? THE NEXT ONE I ENCOUNTER GETS A WRITE-UP FROM CHATGPT IF THIS KEEPS UP. Of course, the subject matter taints the entire song (which is quite fun) because I don’t fucking know whether Agnese penned it herself, or had a bot redirect her to an open source composer AI (which EXIST. That’s the scary bit). Lol at certain individuals thinking Agnese is winning Supernova tho. Have these people forgotten she’s Earth’s least skilled vocalist? “Line” was nursery rhymes levels of easy. I can sing it, and my breath control is worse than AIKO’s. Agnese struggled with “Line”, and this vocoder nonsense going on in this song isn’t doing anything towards reassuring me. Oh well, she would at least be the first person to finish last in a Eurovision semi in two separate years, and that’s a distinction I’d rather have her hold than Valentina Monetta.

Total points: 18.00 points (Average = 4.50)

2. Patrīcija Spale – “Heaven’s Raining Down on Me”

James – 6There’s saccharine, and then there’s this! I don’t know if Heaven raining down is the correct metaphor (wouldn’t shining down be more appropriate?), but it’s an otherwise sweet and earnest pop country number I can’t take offence at. It’s the sort of pleasant, light acoustic guitar and piano ballad you’d hear during a Christian teen drama on basic cable during the mid-2000s while the protagonist offers a promise ring to his wholesome high school girlfriend. This will however be crushed by the bulldozer of cynics and sluts who dominate Eurovision juries. Think of this as a pleasant interlude, though.

Tyler – 6.5 – I love Patrīcija’s vocals! She sounds so nice here, and even if the song is country-like that I don’t care for too much, she carries the song well and it makes me forget that I don’t care for this genre. I get Jewel vibes from her and maybe she’ll have better luck making it to the final (#Alaska2022WasRobbed). The lyrics are fine and inoffensive, but I don’t notice them too much with the vocals distracting me. This is good! Excited to see the live performance!

Boris – 5A cute little country jazz song, I guess. :shrug:

David – 1It’s like a country-ballad… sorry, I’m just bored. This is REALLY not for me.

Total points: 18.50 points (Average = 4.63)

3. B/H – “Amsterdam”

Tyler – 3 – Too short to make an impact. Too long to go anywhere. “Amsterdam” is very light and that’s pretty much it. I want to like an indie-esque song that doesn’t go too crazy with the vocals unnecessarily, but it’s just a nothingburger. The same main vocalist saying the same lyrics the entire time in the name of fun and it doesn’t feel fun at all while listening to it! It’s an inoffensive song, but I’m offended that I can’t like how basic and minimalist it is!


David – 4 Something with a very classic and fun touch, the song actually has a nice message in itself, and it’s just a simple it can be, which makes it hard to not just enjoy it. Of course, not exactly an upcoming worldwide hit, but it’s decent as it is, while it’s on. Maybe I could’ve wished more was done about the melody, but it is what it is.

James – 7A Latvian indie band is clearly channeling Roxy Music here. It’s a bit more basic, and can get a bit repetitive, but it’s got a nice groove and presents a chill mood. I don’t know if a city full of angry cyclists and dopey tourists is the city I’d choose for this exercise, but I guess they wanted to include “red light” and the sleazy connotation that has. Being 35 seconds short, it could do with something like a sax solo to give it a wow moment. That and some creative staging, we could have a dark horse a la Black Mamba.

Total points: 18.00 points (Average = 4.50)

4. Alekss Silvers – “For the Show”

Boris – 4Oh great, an egotist who thinks he’s a living slay, and has a boring song to prove he’s not. It’s really easy to dismiss Alekss as “lol flopgay bye”, but I mean… listen? His voice is already on the verge of cracking in the verses and then “For the Show” *of course* segways into an instrumental vuvuzela chorus, like we know where this is headed (nowhere near Malmö that’s for sure). The man had a vision of himself on a stage during his bedroom karaoke watching Eurovision Slay Queens and thought, “I can do this too” and no honey, I’m pretty sure you can’t but I’d love to be proven wrong of course. 

David – 4 Catchy and very slick beat, the song is actually enjoyable in itself, then the chorus hits with the very out of place blow instruments. When that hits, it just drifts somewhere completely else and I’m just left bothered, since I’m was slowly getting into the tune. The song is now bad, neither is the vocal delivery, but it just losses me, at such a critical point.

James – 7It’s pedestrian, but I suspect it’s meant to be more on the seductive side. The drop and the keyboards in the chorus are slick and the vocals at the bridge could provide a wow factor. It may be a bit dated and this runs the risk of falling flat live, but it does have potential to be a grower and maybe even cult status if done right. For better or for worse, it does sound the most Eurovision-y of this selection. Better in that there’s some almost amateur cuts Latvia should avoid sending and worse in that this could end up getting lost in the pack at Eurovision.

Tyler – 4 – There’s a lot going on with “For the Show”, and I’m not sure if it’s for the better! The key changes, the hushed spoken word at the start, the thumping trumpets in the chorus doesn’t mix together well for me. If the song is crafted for a crazy live performance (for the show), then I guess something in the kitchen sink will eventually be good. But it’s not. It isn’t an offensive song, but I did start getting a headache after listening to this song, so clearly it’s a sign.

Total points: 19.00 points (Average = 4.75)

5. Jar of Kings – “Wildfire”

David – 1 Chill bro, alright, this song REALLY tries to go somewhere it absolutely should not. Already with the over-the-top intro, it becomes too much and can easily set one off. It tries very hard to be some sort of cool rock song, but probably has far too much going on, both musically, vocally and lyrically. The charm is just not there, as in, at all.

James – 3What is a Jar of Kings? Is this band inspired by Alice in Chains’s “Jar of Flies”? Do they like the decent ‘90s Christian alternative act Jars of Clay, but don’t get the metaphor and love whiskey more than Jesus? Come to think of it, Jars of Meat would be a better name for this dated Kid Rock sound-alike. They sound like the sort of band that plays sports bars in shabby places like Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The sort featured on the TV show Bar Rescue, but playing in the version of the bar before Jon Taffer remodels the place. As a Southern-rock inspired song goes, this is pretty obnoxious from the singer’s spoken intro to the repetitive “I Wanna be a Wildfire.”

Tyler – 2.5 – “Wildfire” didn’t endear me from the jump, as I think including an introduction of your band at the start of the song to hype people up is tacky. I personally don’t like the sound of the lead vocalist’s singing, it sounds strained and annoying. The beat itself is derivative of most rock music and doesn’t sound out to me in an unique way. It’s like a sample track with nonsense lyrics on top of it. I don’t like this entry, will be disappointed if it makes it to the Supernova final.

Boris – 2Eurovision will never have a place for stinky loser rock.

Total points: 8.50 points (Average = 2.13)

6. Saint Levića – “Tick Tock”

James – 7Some ropey vocals, particularly the spoken parts, and a wet squelch of an ending let down a song that has potential. The concept of being mistress of your own destiny and not letting yourself be weighed down by others is a great one to sing about, but the execution is a misfire in several ways. “Tick-Tock” does contain some thought-provoking lyrics – it’s just a pity a lot of them are mumbled out. The part where the song turns dark, with the clowns as puppet masters distracting the circus animals for their potential as the clock of life runs down, is great imagery. Also the addition of music from a musical box ties in the lyrics about that feeling of being an artist on auto-pilot is inspired. A few tweaks, this could go down a treat.

Tyler – 6.5 – “Tick Tock” is a dynamic song that has me excited for what Saint Levića brings us next. I quite like how varied the song sounds at first before it dies down to drive home the song’s message. There’s a lot going on with its key and beat changes, so it’s a little overwhelming. However, if the live performance is staged correctly and the vocals are on point, then this could wow people to vote for it. It’s good and has potential!

Boris – 5.5I may have to take back what I said about Norway and ECTO. “Tick Tock” is an actual clown fiesta song. What… is this? What is it about? This is a strange song that has elements of a ballad AND a trap song, but also a thot anthem drop and some weird nebulous philosophical message brought through nonsense lyrics. I can’t make heads nor tails of it. How do I rate this? Is there a rating for :confused:? Can I pull a William and just use pineapples over points? No idea whether it counts as good but it is something else. Opinion Pending, until we have a live, I suppose.

David – 3 The song started really promising out to me, but then the tone changes a bit into the song, and then again further in the song, then again… then AGAIN?! It’s like multiple small parts, that were just cramped into one song. As in, this could’ve been multiple good tracks, but instead it was all fused into one… not exactly a disaster, but there could’ve been potential.

Total points: 22.00 points (Average = 5.50)

7. Sasha Sil – “Love is a Language”

Tyler – 4.5 – Love languages are a fake concept to begin with, so I might be unfairly judging this song’s title but I don’t care! “Love Is a Language” feels like a lecture and I’m not interested in learning about Sasha’s relationship and thoughts about love. Her vocals are fine, but I don’t care for the music and instrumentation and like I said, the message of the song itself I’m annoyed by.

Boris – 3This 6th-place-in-a-Melfest-heat nothing arse ballad. Just from looking at the title, the first thought was “hm, this sounds like self-righteous”, and the listen confirmed that it was. Regardless of who sings it, songs that are like “ME! I’LL MAKE THE WORLD BETTER! LISTEN TO ME!!!”  will always sound offputtingly self-indulgent if you offer no reasons to make your audience want to listen to you. This is one such case.

David – 2 A very innocent love song, but it’s also very basic. It’s not something that really bothers one, but it’s also not something that you’ll give any attention, it’s really just there. Promising performed vocally I will say, but the genre, the melody, the style… all of it, it’s just not me.

James – 3Wasn’t Sil the name of Natasha Henstridge’s man-killing alien in Species? Boy, was I let down knowing that and listening to this song. “Strip your heart naked and teach you to sing” is quite a distance from Sil’s search for a sucker to impregnate her and then murder violently. So yes, my rambling on about a cult movie from almost 30 years ago tells you all need to know about this wannabe inspirational anthem. Sorry to say, it’s a bit dull and there’s some ropey pronunciation in there.

Total points: 12.50 points (Average = 3.13)

8. Papīra Lidmašīnas – “Mind Breaker”

Boris – 0.5You need to grow up before you die alone, ah-LOSAH!! – Sugar Kiper, Boris MeersmanLatvia, what the fuck’s this misogynist piece of crap song? The fake femme-voice into full lalala chorus all  “HA HA HA WOMEN ARE A JOKE HAHAHA TAKE THAT DUMB BITCHES!!!:” Listen, cheating is wrong but maybe, just maybe, you should have been a good boyfriend and spent time with her, hm? Sounds like the shitty partner in this dysfunctional romance is the one who decided to turn it into a happy-go-lucky Eurovision Entry with the purpose of cheerfully humiliating his ex. Shame, because the tune is quite fun, and is cynically wasted on Redditor-level Toxic behaviour.

David – 2 What is a quick set-off for me in this song, is the vocal performance, especially during the higher pitched sections, it just becomes too much. Musically, is does go for a catchy tune, which is probably the only good thing it has going, but lyrically and vocally, just really puts it all down.

James – 1The verse reminds me of “Dream Catcher” by Shannon Beador’s daughters’ band from The Real Housewives of Orange County. That’s the highlight of this song. The rest is cringe, from fake voicemail parts to the “la la la” over and over again. It goes for camp, but comes off bitter, like a man singing nursery rhymes at his crotch because his penis didn’t work properly that night. Latvia does this sort of song terribly, and I wish they would stop letting them into the national selection every year.

Tyler – 5 – I really enjoy the beat of “Mindbreaker” a lot! I enjoy the instrumentation and how peppy the song is. But then the vocals get in the way a lot. If the lyrics were better and had a different artist, then I would rate this song above average for sure. The spoken word mocking the woman is just irritating to me and doesn’t bring anything positive to the entry. I wish I could like this better, but half of the song is the lyrics themselves which are terrible, so this score it gets!

Total points: 8.50 points (Average = 2.13)

9. Avéi – “Mine”

David – 5 This doesn’t start that well, like very messy and harsh, and it’s like that throughout the versus, but then we get to the bridge, where it starts to get catchy, and then we get to the chorus, where it all becomes far more melodic and much better. Vocal delivery is decent in itself, so I’m hoping that can lift the song far more when performed.

James – 4A patchwork of generic “baby you’re mine tonight” lyrics on top of a patchwork of various mid-2010s Scandipop. It has moments where you get into it, then it shifts gears and takes you out of those moments. This could be remarkable if they took one idea and ran with it, rather than cobbling together several musical ideas. This doesn’t feel cohesive, and I lose interest pretty quickly during its three minutes.

Tyler – 5.5 – Contrary to another entry where I’m giving a 5.5/10 to (hi Agnese!), I think Avéi could pull off the live performance with her vocals without the use of a vocoder. Having said that, “Mine” has a lot going for it that I don’t think blends together well. The electro/Eurodance beat is great, but then there’s a sort of rap breakdown in the second chorus that doesn’t work for me. Coupled with how also basic the beat sounds as well, I’m not wowed by “Mine” at all and think it’s just fine and not for me.

Boris – 7Oh hey, it’s the usual plucky electropop filler song that you have in every selection. Obviously, I like this, even if AVÉI is fairly below average compared to others of her ilk – Sigga Ózk and Heiðrun Anna in Iceland? Way better. Lidia Isac (MD2016)? Still the Gold Standard for Eurovision Filler. “Mine” is a lesser offering (but still one of the better ones in Latvia because you know, Latvia) unless, UNLESS AVÉI outsells live. The slay vibe has to be established within SECONDS though (as the song starts in medias res due to its strong intro). Fingers crossed. Latvia could use an option that isn’t Crazy Cat Lady or Palliative Care Patient.

Total points: 21.50 points (Average = 5.38)

10. Ecto – “Outsider”

James – 6A clumsy, but strangely endearing retro electronic industrial pastiche. The mispronounced “dessert of lies” part is humorous, but it makes up for the goofy lyrics with some raw, homemade production that has more heart and thought put into it than any of the slick Swedish mercenaries can muster with one hundred times the budget. If you ever wanted a teenager to do a Nine Inch Nails tribute at a Eurovision national final, here you go. The end result is clunky, and I struggle to see how the staging could work here, but hopefully Ecto can surprise us there, too.

Tyler – 4.5 – This song is interesting! I like how “Outsider” sounds like it was filmed in a boiler room and how industrial the song feels. That part is good. What drags the song down for me is the vocals from Ecto. I’m not sure if this is an act or a put-on or something, but the lyrics and vocals don’t match how excited I am for the music itself. I really want to like this entry more, but I found myself getting annoyed towards the end. Maybe the live will change my mind, but who knows!

Boris – 7.5Absolutely REELING at the salad fingers voice into the mumbliest English in this NF season. I have NO idea what Ecto is even attempting to sing “Do you ever feel like an eel? Eagle? Needle? In a vale? In a pail? In a hay? Feeding them with your pain? Caught in a dessert of lies?”. Who cares, I’m cackling and basking in its glorious incompetence. I MISSED UNINTENTIONALLY BAD ENGLISH OKAY?! It HELPS that the chorus of this silly shitty song is also kind of banger. There is zero chance any of this out there clown fiesta is going to work live, but this might be an ATOM – “Alligator” in the making, objectively bad but t r a n c e n d e n t a l l y good enough to revisit every five months whenever I’m in need for insane asylum energy.

David – 4 We’ve gone electronic now, and holy hell, there’s a lot going on, just like that! It’s sadly a lyrically mess, words all over the place, hard to follow along with, and it has nothing that exactly sticks with you. The chorus parts bother me the most, where it just gets completely unhinged musically, which is sad, because I do to some degree enjoy the sound.

Total points: 22.00 points (Average = 5.50)

11. Dons – “Hollow”

Tyler – 6 – “Hollow” is by far the best option Latvia has this year to qualify. Great vocals from Dons, if done right, the staging can set the mood to be memorable enough for people to vote for it. But is the song amazing? Not really? It’s good, but not great. The potential for “Hollow” comes from the live performance, but simply listening to the studio makes me feel semi….hollow. 🙂 Can’t wait to see more of what this performance could bring.

Boris – 6.5In this field, by far the most competent production and the only one that could carry Latvia into a final. That is, if I had any faith in Dons’s ability to sell it and I kind of don’t? Vocals and song are never a problem, it’s the charisma that has always been his Achilles’ heel. Dons has a permanent funerary director vibe to him. That he performed Pēdējā Vēstule dressed like a vicar ready to perform the final sacraments did NOT alleviate that predicament, and neither do the hook or title of his current attempt. HE needs to think about how he can overcome his negative charisma and the potentially bad first impressions that come with it, before I can think about the possibility of Hollow reaching a Eurovision final in a full televote semi.

David – 5 It’s actually a decent song, it manages to create a certain mood and vibe, which just attracts one’s curiosity. The song really does what it needs to do, with a slow build-up, tension and just breaks out during the chorus. No, it’s not something I’d listen to on repeat, but I can acknowledge it’s good attempt.

James – 8.5A dirgy, yet modern pop song about losing your identity, a particularly timely message given how many friends and relatives you see being subsumed by hate peddlers and other assorted grifters online. Performed by a guy who might look like your cousin Don from Sheffield. Though it is downbeat, this is the song I remember most from my first listen of this selection. The vocal hook in the chorus is great, even if your bellowing out “It’s killing me slow” while at work may draw some puzzled looks.

Total points: 26.00 points (Average = 6.50)

12. Katrīna Gupalo – “The Cat’s Song”

Boris – 8KITTY KITTY KITTY KAT, I WANNA PLAY WIDYA . Already I’m imagining David’s trademark ”#NotGettingIt 1/10” Write-up for this: “wtf this a trainwreck the lyrics are mess, this beat is whack and the message ruins it :confused scowl:” ALL OF THIS MAKES HER CAMP AND ICONIC WELCOME TO EUROVISION. Like what else would you expect from Miss Intoxicating Caramel, that she’d don an evening gown and whimper a love ballad? Then again, Cat’s song IS a love ballad, from the perspective of a Victor Crone fan singing to her sweet little fur baby. Cat’ Song is so, so weird, and yet endearing enough to work as an entry. Let manifest its win in Supernova, so that we can make #Catvia happen as a tag, and add an enjoyable entry to that wretched-looking second semi.

David – 1 Bruh… this, right here… ONLY IN LATVIA, I SWEAR! There’s even meowing and purring in the song!!! Bruh, I’m done! This is just beyond ridiculous.

James – 8The normies will have a field day with this one if Latvia picks “The Cat’s Song” for Eurovision. It is as deliriously bonkers as it is cute, like playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons on cocaine. And the drop early on hits hard and perks you up. There’s a lot of little details from that early drop to the purring and squeaky cat toys in the background that show this is more than a novelty. I hope she improves on her performance on Latvian TV last week of this song, because her in a onesie with pictures of a cat on the screen and lamely swatting in the air won’t cut it as a staging, putting her firmly on the wrong side of the crazy cat lady line.

Tyler – 7.5 – If “The Cat’s Song” won Supernova, would it qualify in Eurovision? I don’t think so! Despite cat owner’s making sure their voices are heard in true crime, the last time we had a similar song in Estonia’s pre-selection, it didn’t even escape their semi-final. However, I still enjoy this song a lot! It represents my toxoplasmosis-riddled mind well and how much of a servant I am to my two cats. The song is a little childish, but it has meme-potential and I can’t wait to see the live performance.

Total points: 24.50 points (Average = 6.13)

13. Funkinbiz – “Na chystu vodu (На чисту воду)”

David – 4 Not gonna lie, but it feels VERY out of place with a jazzy Ukrainian song, in Latvia. The song is actually very chill and fine, but lyrically, it’s very repetitive, even for someone who doesn’t speak nor understand Ukrainian. It’s a fine song in itself, but I’d also rather ignore it, since it’s very much that kind of background music.

James – 5Citi Zeni should have been called Fukinbinz due to their sexually charged recycling bin shenanigans, but now we have a moderately funky about strangers hooking up and clear water? But Funkinbiz aren’t a goof troupe like Citi Zeni – these guys are more laid back, subtle, and sadly a bit boring. Their stage show is going to have to impress, because just listening to the studio version does nothing for me.

Tyler – 6 – I like “Na chystu vodu” decently well! The song is super breezy and easy listening, but doesn’t feel like it’s just nothing or filling the void. The song just sounds pleasant, but will it be enough for people who demand key changes and hairography? Not at all! But this is my own personal taste, so while I put the same score for this with “Hollow”, it has no shot. Excited to see this live and if this sort of calm song can get any televotes.

Boris – 7Ukrainian? Hm, ok. Whatever nets you a final I guess. As a track, it’s pretty good though. It chills, it grooves, it vibes. “Na chystu vodu” wouldn’t sound amiss as a party of a Modern Art Museum’s playlist as you walk around and examine the local display of miniature toy ornithopters made from upcycled Fanta cans.

Total points: 22.00 points (Average = 5.50)

14. Vēstulēs – “Kur?”

James – 6Trippy, but aimless. The distorted electric guitar coming in with the chorus is a great touch, but the vocals are a little weedy. I don’t see how this would fare at a venue like Eurovision, considering this sounds like it belongs in coffee shop or a wine bar. It’s sung in Latvian, which for some is a bonus I suppose, but even in English this would feel a little too niche to connect. While it has some charming parts, as a whole it doesn’t do anything for me.

Tyler – 7 – “Kur?” is quite interesting to me, and I hope that it does well despite it being the only Latvian language song in the selection. I enjoy how the two vocalist’s solos are broken up with the guitar riffs and how light the vocals are from both of them. It’s chill music that I would listen to in the car and it’s a good indie song to have in the selection. I’m rooting for Vēstulēs’s success outside of the selection, and I can’t wait to see the live performance!

Boris – 7.5A charming introvert anthem, and a welcome change of pace from what is generally a selection of tedium and over-the-top monkeying. There’s no need for snark;  “Kur?” is a good song. The build-up is clever and dynamic, and their voices mesh well together. If these two can build a layer of intimacy on the stage where they sing comforts at each other, I can see this be a dark horse to win Supernova, and maybe even quality from the semi.

David – 2 Oh damn! Latvian! It exists! …and it’s forgotten. A very simplistic ballad, which doesn’t really bother anyone, but neither does it capture your attention. However, what’s up with the very out of place and random heavy guitar, just placed there in the song? Anyhow, the song just doesn’t leave an impression, so not much to consider.

Total points: 22.50 points (Average = 5.63)

15. Edvards Strazdiņš – “Rock n’ Roll Supernova”

Tyler – 3.5 – It might just be a me thing, but I don’t think going rockabilly is a Eurovision winner. And also has the makings to be a good song in general. I understand that the genre has its fans and “Rock ‘n Roll Supernova” is good for someone, but I’m still befuddled at what that positive aspect could be. At least this is a unique sounding entry and it’s good to listen to other genres even if it isn’t your thing, but come on. Basic and not worth my energy.

Boris – 3Oh sweet baby Jesus, I am already moist at the prospect of James filleting this into strips <3 He better because “Rock & Roll Supernova” stinks – it feels like an eternity despite being fairly upbeat and I think it’s largely because it manages to be both very boring AND very annoying. And yes, the obnoxious pretend-Presley voice doesn’t improve matters.

David – 4 A youngster delivering some old school rock and roll. It’s hard not to appreciate the effort, but it’s also no way near a wonder song. It has its tune, and it has its charm, but it does dry out fast. Eventually the song just tries a bit too much to hit that certain style it goes for, that it just becomes too much.

James – 2This sounds like my dodgy Uncle Rick doing a mash-up modern country pop and ‘70s glam rock at a rough Brighouse pub karaoke night. Sure, it might inspire a fight in the parking lot with one of the town’s many bald guys named Dean because Uncle Rick tried to pick up his wife (again), but the result will be the same as this song’s – a large drunken, bloody mess of a performance that everyone will regret in the morning. This tries to be fun pop country, but is just cringe from its pandering title to its dated Eurotrash mangling of Americana.

Total points: 12.50 points (Average = 3.13)

So who did ESC United collectively endorse to go through to the Final?

Our Top Ten was pretty close! Ties were broken by songs that had a higher score than others. We say goodbye to the five entries below the dashed line in our hypothetical Supernova semi-final, but our top choice for Supernova was clear. ESC United’s pick for Latvia this year is “Hollow” by Dons.

1) Dons – “Hollow” – 26.00 points (Average = 6.50)

2) Katrīna Gupalo – “The Cat’s Song” – 24.50 points (Average = 6.13)

3) Vēstulēs – “Kur?” – 22.50 points (Average = 5.63)

4) Ecto – “Outsider” – 22.00 points (Average = 5.50) – Highest Score: 7.5/10

5) Saint Levića – “Tick Tock” – 22.00 points (Average = 5.50) – Highest Score: 7/10 and 6.5/10

6) Funkinbiz – “Na chystu vodu (На чисту воду)” – 22.00 points (Average = 5.50) – Highest Score: 7/10 and 6/10

7) Avéi – “Mine” – 21.50 points (Average = 5.38)

8) Alekss Silvers – “For the Show” – 19.00 points (Average = 4.75)

9) Patrīcija Spale – “Heaven’s Raining Down on Me” – 18.50 points (Average = 4.63)

10) B/H – “Amsterdam” – 18.00 points (Average = 4.50) – Highest Score: 7/10


11) Agnese Rakovska – “AI” – 18.00 points (Average = 4.50) – Highest Score: 5.5/10

12) Sasha Sil – “Love is a Language” – 12.50 points (Average = 3.13) – Highest Score: 4.5/10

13) Edvards Strazdiņš – “Rock n’ Roll Supernova” – 12.50 points (Average = 3.13) – Highest Score: 4/10

14) Papīra Lidmašīnas – “Mind Breaker” – 8.50 points (Average = 2.13) – Highest Score: 5/10

15) Jar of Kings – “Wildfire” – 8.50 points (Average = 2.13) – Highest Score: 3/10

Who do #YOU think will qualify for the Supernova final? Do you agree with our thoughts? Who do you think will win it all for Latvia? Let us know on social media @ESCUnited, on our discord, or on our forum page!

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