Drag Race España, Spain’s version of the American hit series RuPaul’s Drag Race, has just entered their third season. After the British and Swedish version of the show already had a special Eurovision episode, Drag Race España trumps both with the most challenging Eurovision episode yet.

The season’s second episode from last Sunday called Dragvisión kicked off with a special Eurovision Song Contest quiz where the remaining queens received a winning song and had to correctly located the winning country on the map.

The Queens even received a video message from Chanel herself, because for this episode’s main challenge, the Queens were split into two teams to perform a dance battle with the actual choreography to Chanel’s Slo-Mo. Chanel came in third in last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, achieving their highest score since 1995. In this dance battle, one queen from each team had to perform the dance break solo from Slo-Mo.

And if that wasn’t enough Eurovision already, the guest judge for this weeks episode was singer Soraya, known by Eurofans for representing Spain at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. Finally, the Queen’s had to walk the runway with the theme España en Eurovision! The two lowest scoring queens had to perform a lipsync to the song La Noche Es Para Mí by Soraya.

Soraya’s La Noche Es Para Mí was originally written in 2007 in Greek for Helena Paparizou, but ended up in Soraya’s hands in Spanish two years later. She represented Spain with the song at the 2009 Song Contest in Moscow and ended up ranking 24th in the Grand Finale. 

Chanel’s Slo-Mo was Spain’s best entry since 1995, coming in third in last year’s contest. The song is perhaps best known for the difficult choreography, especially that of the dance break.

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