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Voting Drama in Sweden – SVT admits issues but denies it affects outcome

The first Melodifestivalen Semi Final took place last night and Eric Saade  and Jessica Andersson qualified for the Finals. As it turns out, several voting app users complained about voting issues resulting in some to question the outcome. SVT admitted while there have been some bugs with the voting app, it didn’t affect the overall results.  For the first time, the public was able to vote using …

First 16 Melodifestivalen acts revealed

Today the Swedish National broadcaster, SVT revealed the first 16 acts in a press conference they held in Stockholm. Among the acts are some very familiar faces.   Semifinal 1/Malmo February 1: Artist Song (English translation) Lyrics (l) / Music (m) Mahan Moin “Aleo” Mahan Moin, Anderz Wrethov   Alvaro Estrella “Bedroom” Jakke Erixson, Jon Bordon, Lauren Francis, Kristofer Östergren …

Poll: How did you like Sweden as the host?

[yop_poll id=”17″] The Eurovision Song Contest 2013 is over and we obviously have a winner. Now it’s time to look back and reflect on what went down and how you liked the contest. One of the first things that comes to mind is the hosting. SVT, the Swedish Broadcaster in charge of hosting the 2013 contest, made a lot of …

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