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Road to Rotterdam: Måneskin (Italy)

Each day leading up to the rehearsals in Rotterdam, we will be showcasing each of the 39 acts taking part in this year’s contest and profiling their journey to this point! Today, we take our first look at an artist new to the contest in 2021. They’re no strangers to the music scene though… take a look as we profile …

Italy: The winner of the 71st edition of Sanremo is Måneskin

It’s the yearly Italian extravaganza, and the main inspiration for our beloved song contest. Once more has the annual Sanremo festival opened it’s doors for viewers to enjoy what can be called a musical mayhem. Music of all kinds of genres, coming together during the grand festival. Sanremo 2021 The week long festival has finally come to an end, and …

Italy: No Audience for Sanremo 2021

The Italian broadcaster RAI announced that the 70th installment of Festival della Canzone Italiana di Sanremo, or commonly simply referred to as Sanremo, will not have an audience when the show kicks off in early March.  After public discussions about how to proceed which caused a healthy amount of debate and disagreement between the Italian government and RAI, it was …

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