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Happy Birthday, Carrie: Stephen King’s Debut Masterpiece Turns Fifty!

All opinions expressed in this article are those of the person quoted and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the other team members or ESC United as a whole. It is not hyperbole to say that on the weekend of April 5, 1974, popular culture was upended. On the Friday, the debut novel of horror’s greatest ever writer was …

Semi 2 Shockers and Surprises! Fan Favorites Fail to Advance, Powerhouse Nations End Qualification Streaks

In a night full of lightning, glory notes, bejeweled sneakers, and mechanical bulls, the most shocking moments came from the reveal of semi 2’s results. In all 18 acts competed during tonight’s show, hoping to secure slots in Saturday’s Grand Final. They were: 🇫🇮 FINLAND – The Rasmus – Jezebel 🇮🇱 ISRAEL – Michael Ben David – I.M 🇷🇸 SERBIA …

1964: Reddit User Unearths Three Minutes of Previously Lost Broadcast, Italy’s Crowning Moment is Viewable for the First Time

Lost media fans rejoice! Yesterday, Reddit user DYLCWS posted a nearly three-minute-long clip from the 1964 Eurovision broadcast, a broadcast that has long been unavailable to the public and considered lost. In the clip, Eurovision fans can watch the moment Gigliola Cinquetti is presented as the victor, as well as a minute and a half of her winner reprise. Watch …

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