The month of May has been filled with music releases from past Eurovision artists, and we want #YOU to be aware of these new songs! 22 songs and music videos have been released from all across Europe, and even Australia, just in time for your summer playlists! Today we will focus on 8 of these new hits.

Ira Losco – High (Malta, 2002 & 2016)

The two time representative from Malta and the current joint holder of Malta’s highest placing released the music video for her song “High” before Eurovision began in Tel Aviv. The track comes off her new album No Sinner No Saint, and focuses on minorities who have been wronged by society due to labels. Throughout the music video there are depictions of these labels and hurtful words said to these individuals, from the terms “Disabled”, “Not worth it”, “Ignored” and more. The music video closes with the powerful message of “Be You, Be Fearless.”

Jessica Mauboy – Sunday (Australia, 2018)

“Sunday” is a great hit single for Jessica, which was officially released in April. The song itself is her first release following her 20th place in Lisbon, and appears to center on a struggle within a relationship. The lyrics center on “I just want me and you chilling on a Sunday afternoon” but it seems that things aren’t going as planned. Sporting groovy vibes and spectacular scenic shots (including a lot of sand), this track is a great listen, especially on the first day of the week.

Brendan Murray – If I’m Honest (Ireland, 2017)

After a disappointing non-qualification in Kyiv, taking a break from music, and appearing on the X Factor in the UK, it appears Brendan has officially returned to producing music with his new single “If I’m Honest”. Although he was dying to try love in 2017, his new song focuses on a love that is full of regret. The music video switches back and forth between Brendan’s emotional singing and another man who catches his girlfriend cheating on him. The entire music re-plays the moments after the event, as well as displaying images of his ex-girlfriend around town with someone else.

Samra – ARMAS (Azerbaijan, 2016)

Samra has released a new hit entitled “Armas” meaning weapons (and also her name in reverse), and is a fast paced, sex infused song that showcases a harder version of the artist than what we saw in Stockholm. Sporting two shirtless men, a floor-length braid, and a ferocious dog, this song has spunk and charisma. The opening line and chorus when translated from Azerbaijani states, “There is no obstacle in my way, I’ll destroy it in seconds.” Sounds like nothing will be getting in her way anytime soon!

Kate Miller-Heidke – Ernie (Australia, 2019)

Kate Miller-Heidke’s 2019 Eurovision song was inspired partly by her experience as a new mother, where she battled with depression. Her song that was released before Semi-Final 1 was also inspired by her time as a mother, but this time it’s a much more positive inspiration. “Ernie” is all about how lucky Kate feels to be Ernie’s mother, and how much he means to herself and husband Keir. It’s simply beautiful.

Benjamin Ingrosso and Felix Sandman – Happy Thoughts (Sweden, 2018 and Melodifestivalen, 2018)

“Happy Thoughts” is the second collaboration between friends Benjamin and Felix, and it’s another amazing track to add to their growing repertoire. According to Benjamin, this song was written about their exes, and it really influenced the vibe and lyrics of the song. In fact, he even described it as a “more chill” song compared to “Tror du att han bryr sig”. The track maintains that character until Felix takes over verse two, where the character of the song switches to a much heavier electronic tone.

Madame Monsieur ft. Kalash Criminel – Comme si j’avais mille ans

Madame Monsieur have collaborated with many popular French artists, and this month they added another track to that list. The track itself carries a haunting quality to it, paired with the electropop sound Madame Monsieur is known for and the rapping skills of Kalash Criminel. If you are a fan of their previous work, then this song is right up your alley.

Mikolas Josef ft. Fito Blanko and Frankie J – Acapella (Czech Republic, 2018)

This is the third hit track released by Mikolas Josef since he took to the Eurovision stage in Tel Aviv, and this one lives up to expectations. “Acapella” leans into the Latin flavoring that has been prevalent in the music industry lately, and this could be a new summer hit for the Czech musician. The music video for the song was also directed, written and edited by Mikolas himself. He’s a talented man!


That’s it for today’s music round-up. Tune in soon when we reveal the next 8 songs that have dropped during the month of May!

Which song do #YOU like the most? Share your thoughts with us on our forum, below in the comments and on social media!

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