Lithuania’s national broadcaster LRT has finally spilled the secrets on their selection, Eurovizijos Atranka; the show’s will begin on January 5th and we now know the 49 participants in the selection!

With a varied field and many familiar names, we’re sure to see another high quality selection as Lithuania hope to continue their good form in the contest in Tel Aviv.

The 49 participants are;

  1. Audrius Petrauskas
  2. Gabriela Zdanoviciūte
  3. Twosome
  4. Glossarium
  5. MaNNazz
  6. Migloko
  7. Rūta Statkeviciūte
  8. Sarūnas Maciulis
  9. Aldegunda
  10. Matas Ligeika
  11. Simona Klusiene
  12. Monika Marija
  13. Valdas Lacko
  14. Original Copy
  15. Donata Virbilaite
  16. Grazvydas Sidiniauskas
  17. Jurgis Brūzga
  18. Banzzai
  19. Valery Iljinaite
  20. Lukas Bartaska
  21. Justina Budaite
  22. Justina Zukauskaite
  23. Paulina Paulauskaite
  24. Tiramisu
  25. Giedrius Nakas
  26. a Forza
  27. Emilija Gogolyte
  28. Tomas Sinickis
  29. Dagna Kondrotaite
  30. Antikvariniai Kaspirovskio Dantys
  31. Jurgis Didziulis
  32. Valdemars Petersons
  33. Queens of Roses
  34. Jurijus Veklenko
  35. Viktorija Vysniauskaite
  36. Algirdas Daumantas Ciūnys
  37. Edgaras Lubys
  38. Allen Chicco
  39. Zivile Gedvilaite
  40. Soliaris
  41. Saules Kliosas
  42. Laimingu Būti Lengva
  43. Elizabeth Olshey
  44. Arvydas Kriscikas
  45. Filtered Tools
  46. Emilija Valiukeviciute
  47. Indre Juodeikiene
  48. Sofia
  49. Gabriele Rybko

Familiar names on the list include Jurgis Didziulis (who represented Lithuania in 2011 as the frontman of InCulto), Jurgis Brūzga (inished second in last year’s selection), Twosome, Monika Marija, Valdas Lacko, Saules Kliosas (who all also took part in the selection) and Edgaras Lubys (who has taken part in two selections, most recently 2017).

Four heats on 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th January will help determine which acts go through to the semi-finals, with the final set for 23rd February 2019. Gabriel Martirosianaite and Giedrius Masalakis will host the selection.

Who are #YOU most excited to see in the Lithuanian selection for 2019? Share your thoughts with us on our forum HERE or join the discussion below and on social media!

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