Earlier today, we asked #YOU to vote for the ten songs you think will qualify from tonight’s second semi-final – and we have our results!

It seems that there were five songs with almost universal approval to qualify, with Austria‘s Teya and Salena taking 100% confirmation that they will qualify with “Who the Hell is Edgar?”. Is this misguided, or are the ladies sailing through to the final?

Australia‘s Voyager follow next, with “Promise” seen as a qualifier by 98% of our readers, with Slovenia‘s Joker Out in third with 95% and Armenia‘s Brunette and Cyprus‘ Andrew Lambrou in joint fourth on 94%.

The next country is Lithuania, with Monika Linkytė earning sixth with 88% of voters backing her to qualify, before Georgia‘s Iru on 83% and Belgium‘s Gustaph on 81%.

After this the certainty drops off a little. Estonia‘s Alika and Poland‘s Blanka edge out Albania’s Albina and Familja Kelmendi, with the former getting 66% and 65%.

The ranking in full are as follows;

  1. Austria – 100%
  2. Australia – 98%
  3. Slovenia – 95%
  4. Armenia – 94%
  5. Cyprus – 94%
  6. Lithuania – 88%
  7. Georgia – 83%
  8. Belgium – 81%
  9. Estonia – 66%
  10. Poland – 65%
  11. Albania – 54%
  12. Denmark – 39%
  13. Iceland – 19%
  14. Greece – 16%
  15. Romania – 5%
  16. San Marino – 2%

But what did our team think, and do we agree with the readers and viewers? If #YOU don’t want spoilers, check out the video below to find out our ranking. But if you simply cannot wait, scroll down…


Okay, still with us? Read on!

Six countries were predicted to qualify by all of our team; Australia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Armenia, Lithuania and Austria in that order. This was also the same as the top six from our readers and viewers but in a different order.

In seventh, Belgium was predicted by five, ahead of Estonia in eighth. Georgia came ninth with four of our team predicting Iru to qualify. The only discrepancy between our team and the readers/viewers was Albania, with four of our team predicting them to qualify instead of Poland.

The results in full;

  1. Australia (avg. rank 1.83, predicted by 6)
  2. Slovenia (avg. rank 3, predicted by 6)
  3. Cyprus (avg. rank 4.67, predicted by 6)
  4. Armenia (avg. rank 5.17, predicted by 6)
  5. Lithuania (avg. rank 6.33, predicted by 6, highest 1st)
  6. Austria (avg. rank 6.33, predicted by 6, highest 3rd)
  7. Belgium (avg. rank 6.33, predicted by 5)
  8. Estonia (avg. rank 7.33, predicted by 5)
  9. Georgia (avg. rank 7.67, predicted by 4)
  10. Albania (avg. rank 8.83, predicted by 4)
  11. Denmark (avg. rank 9.33, predicted by 4)
  12. Poland (ranked 7th by 1 person)
  13. Iceland (ranked 10th by 1 person)
  14. =Romania, Greece and San Marino (not predicted by any)

Will this be the case tonight? We don’t have long left to find out!

What do #YOU think of these predictions? Share your thoughts with us on our forum HERE or join the discussion below and on social media!

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