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Please vote in semi 1 of NSC 204 as soon as possible. Roffbeard will accept your votes until the afternoon of tomorrow Wednesday.
'Friends are the family we choose', and they chose you too (and for a reason!), never forget about this! xkiss Btw I think I missed your birthday right? :ROFLMAO: The new forum doesn't help those with such a bad memory as me XD.
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You're right, Olga. xheart I was emotionally in a bad place when I wrote that, when I gathered myself I deleted it. Thanks for the message though. xrunhug

Yeah, it was on the 4th. :D The old forum was far better for that, clearing showing whos birthday it is.
Yeah, many times posting our feelings, even if we delete it later, helps to vent! Glad to know you're feeling better! xheart
I see I'm kinda late :LOL: Hope you had a nice day! Mine is very close but every year getting older is more depressing. I feel like my wishlist will soon consist in choosing the best false teeth, a pink walker to be coolest granny in the neighbour or the most absorbent diapers :ROFLMAO:
Thank you it was nice. I definitely didn't go check in your profile and remembered from memory but Happy Birthday for tomorrow. xheart I hope you have a great day. April got all the best birthdays. Gosh I hope them birthdays are still a way off for both of us lmao. It will be a day when you're excited for the new super absorbent diapers to go with your new special wool lined slippers to keep your feet warm.
Hi my dear,
I need your entry for WFSC as soon as you can, I am posting the new show soon more or less so please, send it to me ;)
I hope you are ok xrunhug
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I completely forgot sorry. I've sent my entry :)
first time voting hope doing it right lol
italy 12 :it:
Neth 10:lu:
Czech rep 8 :cz:
greece 7:gr:
ukraine 6 :ua:
serbia 5:sk:
sweden 4:se:
austria 3:at:
poland 2:pl:
uk 1:uk:
«An optimistic prediction based on subjective and irrational elements passed off as logical and objective, destined to feed disappointment, frustration and regret, is called "armadillo prophecy" for ever and ever. Amen»
เขาอธิบายสถานการณ์ที่ Zaporizhzhia ว่าเป็น "ความผิดปกติตามปกติ" ซึ่งหมายความว่าการผ่าตัดเป็นเรื่องปกติ แต่อย่างอื่นไม่เป็นเช่นนั้น

อ่านต่อที่โรงเรียนเทศบาลวัดไทรอารีรักษ์ (มณีวิทยา)
Inbox full!!! Hi dear!!!
I wanted to remind you about voting at WFSC today if possible, you probably didn't check the other forum :D
Also, please send me or veri4ka your next entries, thank you so much in advance and I hope you enjoy the edition ;)
Btw, what is your OM country now? I completely lose track of it with so many changes xheat
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Thank you so much Chon for the reminder. I'm going to start listening the songs ❤
I was South Sudan last edition but I'm on break in this edition and will most likely switch to another country :)
Hey! Just writing you to make sure my new entry has been received/confirmed. Good luck with the hosting once again!
Omg, so I'm still not used at all to these 'conversations' and didn't scroll down when I was writing down all the entries, so I missed that you reserved another song. And that, awkwardly, means that Perryfornia's initial entry would've been accepted. I have your new entry, though! I'm so sorry for this messy start of the edition :(
Sorry, not Perryfornia's initial entry, I mean their first replacement entry*
Did Perry try to send my initial entry? I- Good for them
Show the world what you are made of, show your strength, emotions and how proud you are. ©

Awesome words to live by, aren't they?
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