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What's your mum's favorite?

lasse braun

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March 20, 2021
my 78 years old mother is not really interested in the ESC but on christmas eve afternoon
i have shown her some ESC/NF videos from saison 2021 via youtube.
from the ESC she liked nothing,not a surprise for me,because she is a fan of german schlager music but i have got 2 matches from the NF!
colapesce,dimartino from italy she liked a little bit but the song she most liked was clara klingenström from sweden - she liked the melody at once,only the "strange" language was not her cup of tea - she meant,that german schlager star helene fischer should sing that 1:1 as cover but in german language.
my mother is no helene fischer fan,she is more for andrea berg or also kerstin ott and the amigos of course but she think,that helene fischer voice is very good for this song.
she has seen helena at "wetten das" where she has covered abbas s.o.s. very similar and lovely.

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