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May 9, 2021
The majority seems to dislike this year and while I agree it's pretty weak there are quite a few fun songs. Overall it was nothing remarkable but a good show, though one thing I disliked was the stage cause during the closer shots you could literally see the pixels of the LED screen.

01. :fr: - Sognu: This is actually my favourite song in ESC. I try to think of it objectively but I believe it's one of the best songs that has entered the recent editions of ESC. As for the result it was completely deserved, the performance was a complete disaster everything went wrong but even if the performance was good I highly doubt it would have won as it was predicted cause opera isn't for everyone especially in this form.

02. :ee: - Rockefeller Street: It was always one of my favourites from 2011 and I was pleasantly surprised when I found out how popular it is outside of ESC, cause it deserved better in the competition. I really like the idea behind the staging, the backdrop, their clothes though some parts in the execution of the performance could have been better.

03. :se: - Popular: It's kinda trash but it is a very enjoyable and catchy song. The performance was really good aswell and I would have preferred this to win tbh. It wasn't a better song than the winning one but it was much more likeable.

04. :bg: - Na Inat: I prefer this much more to her 2016 entry. Very good song and performance and definitely deserved the final over some qualifiers.

05. :ru: - Get You: This is hilarious for all the wrong reason and I enjoy it very much. The song is ok on it's own although the lyrics are kinda funny. The performance on the other hand was a mess from the start but their dancing was good. I never understood why they added a random russian part in the beginning and cut part of the bridge when it was already 3 minutes.

06. :by: - I Love Belarus: I unironically love this song. Yes it's quite funny but the music is really good and the staging was great as well. If the vocals were good maybe it would stand a chance.

07. :ie: - Lipstick: Fun song and performance, it can get annoying at times and maybe goes on for a bit too long but I like it a lot.

08. :it: - Madness Of Love: Really good comeback from Italy. Unique entry for ESC, the song has a great melody, the lyrics are good and the performance was excellent. I think it was one that deserved to win the most.

09. :es: - Que Me Quiten Lo Bailar: Cute song, a bit different from the rest and always pleasant to listen too. The performance was nice too. Deserved a bit better.

10. :ge: - One More Day: One of the few Georgian entries that I like. The chorus is a bit too shouty but I like the rest of the song a lot more. The performance was awesome.

11. :sl: - No One: When I first heard it I couldn't believe that something like this was in ESC. Pretty unusual sound for the contest's standards back then and it's from the better entries that year. The performance was underwhelming though.

12. :is: - Coming Home: Very sweet story and the story behind it is even sweeter, but I liked it anyway and the performance was pretty nice.

13. :gr: - Watch My Dance: From the few greek entries that I actually like a lot. I'm not a big fan of the verses though I don't dislike them either but I wonder how it would sound if it was entirely in greek and in the style of the chorus. Anyway the performance was great but could have been a bit more interesting.

14. :uk: - I Can: Even more rare to like that much a UK entry. Solid pop song and very catchy. The performance was fine but could have been better.

15. :ba: - Love In Rewind: Nice song, I like it's vibe and the performance was very good.

16. :md: - So Lucky: Not as good as their other song but still enjoyable.

17. :pl: - Jestem: I like it a lot the studio version but the performance was pretty bad.

18. :ro: - Change: Cute entry in general, I don't like it too much but it's fine.

19. :az: - Running Scared: Overall it's a decent ballad and deserved top 10 cause it was from the few entries that actually looked good on this stage but I think top 3 let alone winning was a bit too much.

20. :dk: - New Tomorrow: I kinda like it, it's a good song but it bores me. The performance was great.

21. :no: - Haba Haba: Cool song and performance I just personally find it kinda flat? maybe and boring. It is uptempo but it doesn't excite me too much and I don't really listen to it.

22. :fi: - Da Da Dam: Cute song, nice message and the performance was actually very good but I find it very boring.

23. :de: - Taken By A Stranger: Excellent song and performance but I can't get into it.

24. :hu: - What About My Dreams: Nice pop song, a bit overrated by fans and the performance was alright.

25. :ua: - Angel: The performance was amazing but I don't like the song that much, neither dislike it tho.

26. :hr: - Celebrate: Kinda mediocre but it's fun at times.

27. :ch: - In Love For A While: Cute entry but I don't like it a lot.

28. :mk: - Rusinka: I like the Russian theme of it but it could have been better both as a song and performance.

29. :il: - Ding Dong: Like Croatia but I like it less.

30. :rs: - Caroban: It's just there I don't feel anything towards it.

31. :cy: - San Aggelos S'agapisa: A bit too chaotic and dramatic for me but it stands out.

32. :pt: - A Luta E Alegria: I like the music, the rest of the song is kinda meh and the performance was okish.

33. :sk: - I'm Still Alive: Just not my type of song.

34. :lv: - Angel In Disguise: I never got the hype around it, I find it boring personally and I'm not a fan of it in general.

35. :be: - With Love Baby: It's different and it's kinda nice but compared to the other songs I just don't like it much.

36. :al: - Feel The Passion.

37. :lt: - C'est Ma Vie.

38. :tr: - Live It Up.

39. :at: - The Secret Is Love

40. :nl: - Never Alone.

41. :mt: - One Life.

42. :am: - Boom Boom.

43. :sm: - Stand By.

I don't really have anything to say about any of these I just dislike them. Some are pretty generic and mediocre some are good but overall I skip all of these even in recaps or random tops I see on YT.
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