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NSC 203 in Roseland ⬤ THEDOME SONG CONTEST ⬤ Final Result Show ⬤ WL: Sunday at 14:00 CET ⬤ Regular: Sunday at 18:30 CET


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August 5, 2018
That lead in the beginning and 10th as a result is more than I could've ever asked for xheat xheat

xheart xheart xheart

:12: ::ugl ::adb ---> 12 from the winner and 12 exchange xheat xlove
:10: ::che ::beg
:8: ::ora ::mor
:7: ::rah ::kam
:6: ::hal ::big
:5: ::nbs ::aim ::sol
:4: ::taa ::yap ::qdq
:3: ::doi
:2: ::kad ::tch ::per ::zch
:1: ::tuz ::bal ::pyr

Full collection xyes

Congrats ::ugl!! That was a very creative work and you've got deservedly rewarded xup xcheer

Thanks @FabiESC, I loved that hosting! xup xheart
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