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Mainshow's Eurovision Rankings + Alltime list


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September 7, 2019
Bavaria, Germany

At least in 2019 you favourite is my favourite as well. :)

And we finally agree on the :de: entry again.

I´m gonna write more detailed posts on the years 2017-2019 later, but now I`m a bit lazy to be honest.


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December 23, 2018
far away from ukulele + whistling
:eu: Covid-19, cancelled 2020

Despite thinking that "health" and "safety" should always come first, I am still deeply sad that the Eurovision Song Contest got cancelled due to Covid-19. I still believe that it would have been possible to come up with a show in which artists could have performed in their respective home countries making 2020 the most entertaining, interesting, special and emotional year ever. A pity that money was the main issue here since "Europe Shine A Light" as well as live performances from Diodato & Co. showed that it was still possilble to create a show of such caliber...

That said, the national final season was a nightmare for me since all of my favourites didn't win (apart from :ua:, :by: ).

"Solovey" is an "outta this world" experience making my Slavic spirit come alive and :it: is simply beautiful and probably would have won (IF Diodata had been allowed to perform like he did on Europe Shine A Light). :az: slayed me once again... I can't wait for Efendi's entry this year! - :ru: is a very catchy but silly bop (without meaningful lyrics) but as a child of the 90's, I simply have to love it. So entertaining.. Other songs I loved but didn't reach my Top 10: :dk:, :lt:, :mk:, :ge:, :uk:

Thank you, escunited, for running our own alternative. Our winner (:ch:) made it into my Top 10 as well!

:12: :ua: Go_A - Solovey
:10: :it: Diodato - Fai rumore
:8: :az: Efendi - Cleopatra
:7: :bg: Victoria - Tears Getting Sober
:6: :ch: Gjon's Tears - Répondez-moi
:5: :ro: Roxen - Alcohol You
:4: :nl: Jeangu Macrooy - Grow
:3: :sl: Ana Soklič - Voda
:2: :ru: Little Big - Uno
:1: :by: VAL - Da Vidna

Current all-time ranking:
01 :hr: 87
02 :az: 81 [11x]
03 :is: 72 [13x]
04 :it: 72 [10x]
05 :il: 61 [9x]
06 :de: 59 [10x]
07 :sl: 58 [9x]
08 :pl: 55 [9x]
09 :se: 54 [10x]
10 :ua: 46 [7x]
11 :nl: 45 [8x]
12 :ee: 44 [8x]
13 :ru: 42 [5x]
14 :al: 34 [4x]
15 :es: 31 [5x]
16 :by: 30 [7x]
17 :no: 30 [6x]
18 :am: 30 [5x]
19 :hu: 29 [6x]
20 :ba: 28 [5x]
21 :pt: 27 [6x]
22 :gr: 27 [4x]
23 :uk: 24 [5x]
24 :lv: 24 [4x]
25 :ie: 23 [5x]
26 :me: 23 [4x]
27 :dk: 20 [4x]
28 :fr: 19 [3x]
29 :ch: 19 [3x]
30 :rs: 18 [4x]
31 :cz: 18 [3x]
32 :cy: 18 [3x]
33 :tr: 17 [4x]
34 :sk: 17 [2x]
35 :bg: 15 [3x]
36 :ro: 14 [3x]
37 :mk: 14 [3x]
38 :at: 13 [4x]
39 :be: 12 [3x]
40 :ge: 12 [2x]
41 :mt: 11 [4x]
42 :md: 8 [2x]
43 :lt: 4 [2x]
44 :fi: 4 [1x]
45 :au: 2 [1x]
46 :ad: 1 [1x]
47 :mc: 0 [0x]
48 :sm: 0 [0x]


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December 23, 2018
far away from ukulele + whistling
Despite Croatia and Azerbaijan being my Top 2 countries of all-time, another country mentioned to make more appearances on my Top 10s throughout the years:


10x:hr: :de: :it: :se:
9x:il: :sl:
8x:ee: :nl:
7x:by: :ua:
6x:hu: :no: :pt:
5x:am: :ba: :es: :ie: :ru: :uk:
4x:al: :at: :dk: :gr: :lv: :mt: :me: :rs: :tr:
3x:be: :bg: :cy: :cz: :fr: :mk: :ro: :ch:
2x:ge: :lt: :md: :sk:
1x:ad: :au: :fi:
0x:mc: :sm:

Poor :sm: - Hope Sen(h)it can get the country its very first point!


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February 28, 2018
Berlin (Germany)
2017 wasn't a strong year at all, there were only two songs that I truly loved:
Dihaj - Skeletons (Azerbaijan) - just like your No. 1!
O.Torvald - Time (Ukraine)

2018 was a fantastic year actually.
AWS was my favorite and I was so glad that a great rock entry made it to the final.
Eugent Bushpepe - Mall
Elina - La Forza
leva - When we were old
Austria Nothing but you
M. Schulte - Walking alone
Denmark - Higher Ground

As for Walking alone, I loved it back then, and now after my dad passed away last year, it even means mor to me and can connect.
As for ALEKSEEV - Forever, I liked it as a song, but not his performance. My feeling was that he somehow struggled and didn't feel comfortable. Maybe he shouldn't have sung in English.

Oto Nemsadze - Keep On Going :love:
Conan Osíris - Telemóveis
Hatari - Hatrið mun sigra
Jolinda - Ktheju Tokës
Lake Malawi - Friend of a friend
and yes as one of a few - I liked Sisters also as a song, but I liked their performance at the NF so much more than at the Grand Final.


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February 28, 2018
Berlin (Germany)
2020. Sad that we couldn't hear these songs live.
My absolute favorite was Diodato. I can't count how many times I listened to his song, especially his performance at Arena di Verona. Fantastic.

Tornike Kipiani – Take me as I am (No. 1 once again)
Diodato – fai rumore
Ben Dolic - Violent Thing
Arilena ARA - Shaj
Roxen - Alcohol You
Samira Efendi - Cleopatra
Ana Soklič - Voda
Gjon's Tears - Répondez-moi
Alicja - Empires


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September 7, 2019
Bavaria, Germany

Now it´s my turn again. ;)

2017: Overall I enjoyed this year a lot, even though the conflict between :ua: and :ru: that resulted in the retirement of the latter wasn´t great. But since I didn´t like "Flame is Burning" the loss wasn´t that great for me.

The three hosts were also pretty awkward and had as much charisma as a dry slice of toast. xbored

Songwise this year had lot to offer. My personal favourite was :be: wi th "City Lights", I really loved this dark tone of the song and was really happy that Blanche had a much better performance in the final, ending in a good fourth place in the end.

Closely behind was :pt:, I sometimes have dfficulties with Salvadors personality, but the song itself was just amazing. When he performed the song on the tiny side stage it really felt like from another planet. It was really touching, even though I didn´t understand a word he sang. Was really happy for them winning for the first time after competing for more than fifty years , and with such a strong result, even the :de: televoters gave him :12:!! xheart

Otherwise my favourites were :hu: with a very mystic and interesting song, :fr: with a great mix of pop and oriental influences, :md: with one of the most memorable performances ever and :bg: with a very contemporary song performed by the very talented Kristian Kostov. xclap

Before the contest many were sure that :it: would win in a landslide, but this didn´t happen. To be honest I never got the huge hype for this entry, it was pleasant to listen to but nothing more. When it underperformed this much I wasn´t surprised, the whole act simply didn´t come together on stage for me. xshrug

On the other side of the scoreboard were :es: and :de:, both completely deserved. The entry of Levina was the perfect definition of "bland" and Manel was basically beggin for last place in my opinion, his high note still haunts me in my dreams. :lol:

2018: This year was more difficult for me. I had some favourites, but the contest in Lisbon brought me many songs I really hate with a burning passion!!

I really hated :is:, :no:,:es:,:uk: and :ge: that year and fortunately they all ended where the belong, only Alexander Rybak was waaay to high in the final ranking. I´m pretty sure if any other singer would have performaned this garbage called "That´s How You Write a Song" it wouldn´t have even qualified!! :sick:

The winner of this year :il: was also not really my cup of tea. The theme of this song was kinda ok, but her voice was just highly irritating for me and generally this song was just too hyperactive for me. (n)

The huge hype around :cy: also remains a mystery for me, even though the performance was really impressive.

My personal favourite before the contest was :fr:, but sadly the song didn´t work as good on the big stage. I also really liked :it: and I´m still mad on the juries who voted them on 17th, but :al: was also really good because it was something different from the stuff they often send, like women singing a very dramatic ballad in a very loud way. And even though :cz: wasn´t completely my cup of tea I was happy that they finally got a good result in the final. :)

I was really happy for Michael Schulte from :de: because he had a very emotional and touching performance and since he proved all the critics wrong!! xlove

2019: A year where my personal favourite wins is can´t be a bad year in my opinion. :)

But let´s start with the bad stuff first. It may come across that I do this on purpose, but it´s really just my opinion. I personally didn´t like :pt: at all, it was just too weird for me. And even though I have polish roots, I really didn´t like Tulia from :pl:, their voices really almost let my eardrums burst!! The way they failed to make it into the grand final is of course unfortunate, but I didn´t miss them at all to be honest. (n)

And after liking their entry the year before so much the song from :al: in 2019 was sadly a step back for me because it was once again a women singing a very dramatic ballad. Something very creative - NOT!! :rolleyes:

My personal last place that year were and are still Hatari from :is:. You have to know that usually when I really HATE an entry I could rant about it for hours on how terrible it is. But in this case I´m unable to even do that, because everything from the melody over the voices and costumes to the performance was soo horrible for me that I have now words for it, and the action with the Palestine flage didn´t help either. I don´t wanna write too much about this entry because I´m actually in a good mood right now and I don´t wanna spoil it. I just hope that I´ll never hear from that band again. xgaah

After finishing 4th the year before :de: once again finished nearly at the bottom. Highly deserved in my opinion. Two unlikable talent show tourists singing or rather shouting a boring album track with a message that was already old the year after Netta. When the big fat :0: from the televote came I had to really laugh loudly while watching because it was soo deserved and our commentator didn´t understand anything!! xrollinglol

But now finally to the more positive aspects. My favourite song won for the fist time since 2010, in this case "Arcade" by Duncan Laurence for the :nl:. This song really got me right from the beginning, and when he won I was screaming out of joy at home. He really deserved it, he´s such a great artist and also a really nice guy. :love:

But there were other great songs as well. Closely behind Duncan, Mahmood from :it: was my second favourite. You could really feel the anger about his father while he performed this song "Soldi", a very modern song which was also kinda catchy because of the clapping in the chorus. xdance2

Otherwise I really liked Luca from :ch:, even though I´m usually not into that kind of music and Zala and Gasper from :sl:. I have to admit that at the beginning I didn´t like "Sebi" at all, but over the time the song really won me over and now I like it a lot, it has a very hypnotizing effect on me. xmusic
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December 23, 2018
far away from ukulele + whistling
Thank you for your comments, guys!
@mauve Amazing to see that we share the same #1 in 2017 and 2018 as well (if we get rid off my favourite which didn't qualify for the final!) ;)
Diodato's performance was absolutely breathtaking! I think it could have won Eurovision if the EBU didn't ditch the contest and let artists perform in their own home countries at special and remarkable venues.
@ESC94 I agree with you, the hosts of 2017 were really dire. "City Lights" sounded like a winner to me but after a while, it did lose a lot of momentum and I think that the semi performance was quite horrible (and I was quite sure she wouldn't qualify).. I'm glad she wasn't that nervous anymore and performed decently in the final! - A pity you don't like white singing that much - I do enjoy Tulia as a band but Pali sie wasn't the strongest song they could have offered. It's outrageous they didn't qualify due to stupid juries voting upside down, though.
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