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  1. Mrvn

    Marvin's Magazine | Россия (Russia) | OM #1: TBA!

    Real green room coming soon!
  2. Mrvn

    WLSC 182 | Vrigny, Arva | RESULTS INSIDE

    For the second time in history, the Kingdom of Arva will have the honor to host a Waiting List Song Contest. Therefore we'd like to welcome you to the 182nd edition of the contest taking place in Vrigny, the capital of the Arvan province of Braia. Please get all your hits ready and join us for...
  3. Mrvn

    Forum FIFA Cup

    Hey everyone! Thought I'd open up a thread in case someone is interested in taking part in a small FIFA19 (PS4) tournament. Let me know if your up for it. :) (Randomly tagging some people, who might be interested. :lol:) DaFlo DenizESC JSSArcos LastDreamer Milos-BC
  4. Mrvn

    WLSC 169 | Doveport, Arva | Results inside!

    Welcome to the 169th edition of the Waiting List Song Contest, for the first time here in snowy Doveport! All of the capital's inhabitants are looking forward to another hot edition, because it's freezing in the whole republic. Let's bring the heat to Arva! xsman SUBMISSION >> until 01/02/2019...
  5. Mrvn

    Mrvns Music - Top 25 updated weekly! 🎼

    Hey there! I'll post my Top 25 of every week in this thread. Felt inspired after seeing B3stbeats charts and decided to use the same website. Credits go to him. xup:lol: Hope you'll enjoy. :D
  6. Mrvn

    👑 ARVA 👑 | NSC 187: Dua Lipa, Angèle - Fever

    Flag Map OFFICIAL NAME: The Kingdom of Arva Republic of Arva (05/09/2018 - 29/04/2019) CAPITAL: Doveport POPULATION: ~ 42 million LANGUAGES: German, French, English CURRENCY: Arva crown BROADCASTER: DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS (Embassies in Doveport): ::bai::sol
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