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  1. Dutchball

    ESC United's National Final revotes - Our ideal Eurovision! (Currently Open: Spain)

    Welcome everyone to escYOUnited’s National Final project, where we pick our ideal entrants! :D As we’re nearing the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, most eurofans get caught up in all different national selection shows. And as we know, fans often don’t share the general public’s taste. And as...
  2. Dutchball

    Mradalesia - New to WLSC! | WLSC 115 - Nielson & Jiggy Djé - Hotelsuite

    Mradalesia is a country in the NSC-universe. It used to have a small music industry, but recently it has grown a lot. Now Mradalesia has decided to join the Waiting List Song Contest like many other countries have. Mradalesia will make its first appearance in the 115th contest. === Author's...
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