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  1. randajad

    WAITING LAUL 212 in Mare Incatato, Griffin Empire

    Welcome to the Waiting List Song Contest 212! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Mare Incatato, Meremaa and the biggest music event in Natia! Tonight 20 countries will compete for the win, while over some 200 million people are watching to find out who will be our new winner and to see O-Zone...
  2. randajad

    31st Waiting List Song Contest | FINAL SHOW on page 5 (results: 4th December)

    So, it's time to start a new adventure! WLSC is in Griffin Empire, again, after 28 years! Welcome to the magnificent metropolis of Kralewskovgrad, capital city of our empire, and also capital city of Foreõsvdetrre Principality. You can send me your entries, but do not forget to send me the name...
  3. randajad

    NSC WL no. 2 • Laske sel särada! • Finali • Kralewskovgrad, Griffin Empire

    Dobrujstwoytte wo arrenaasam Kralarrenaa ! Hostdniqe phaash u Ithaka Maria Rahula et Justin Timberlake !
  4. randajad

    NSC WL no. 2 • Laske sel särada! • Aplikacijaoone • Kralewskovgrad, Griffin Empire

    Dobrujstwoytte wo Aplikacijaoonsame ! Goeo so muot wo dis grandiozsiska griffiniskaja teiall et magicque ! Aplikacijaoono et plaiyo so muot di magnificitteriska plyasam ! Aplikacijaoon Etat (country): Votel'bououk ete sit oju veu votete ( spokesperson or city that you are voting from+...
  5. randajad

    Live Griffiniskaja Laul 6: help us choose our entry for WLSC 215!

    GRIFFIN EMPIRE (Griffiniskaja Dyctyonaryty) Capital: Kralingslæting Official language: Griffin Anthem: Incatatosklaul Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy Prime Minister: Jon Jozsefson Monarch: Ana Klara I Member television: GTV Griffin Empire is a country whose territory...
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