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  1. apasionata

    Current Member Roster & How to join the Waiting List

    Exclusion without hearing other side's defense and counterpoints is never an answer. All this mood about someone so dear to me personally and lead-up to it with nasty accusations, lashings and whatnot gives me witch-hunt vibes but somehow I'm not surprised. Hope y'all who support this (of course...
  2. apasionata


    It certainly takes a certain level of.. something I guess to ascribe diagnoses and pathologies towards people you know nothing about. I know this bothers you the same way it bothers me that someone would release such nasty, charged feelings of someone who is just minding their own business but...
  3. apasionata

    NSC 227, final results from 21 cet onwards, live from sclan

    As you can see they'd preferred to do it differently and I don't remember you or anyone else while we're at it being concerned or bothered by that by any means. They're all a well-experienced and respected trio within our community with numerous previous hostings to their credit. Therefore, I...
  4. apasionata

    NSC 227, final results from 21 cet onwards, live from sclan

    ? Hosting body comprises of a trio - Lenalite, Luke and Splash this edition. They'd prefered to keep involved collectively serving and attending each and every correspondence with participants.
  5. apasionata

    NSC 227, final results from 21 cet onwards, live from sclan

    Since I am technically a moderator I did act swiftly and assuming the role of a regular user in this instance I reported this post for throwing heavy personal accusations and uncalled for F-bombs. Guy, I know you as a kind, polite, big-hearted individual. Do you really, like EVER wish to...
  6. apasionata

    NSC 227, final results from 21 cet onwards, live from sclan

    Can’t wait for European Pariament to abolish this horrendous clock change altogether. My body clock is still adapting to the change 3 weeks after ffs 🤦‍♂️
  7. apasionata

    NSC 227, final results from 21 cet onwards, live from sclan

    I was really engaged and entertained by bare mysteriousness and vagueness of the shows, visuals and dynamics of it all. Not everything needs to be cutting-edge perfect and polished to be accepted as valid and engaging. NSC has become too predictable and stale in recent years and even this kind...
  8. apasionata

    nSc 227 : gRAnD fiNaLE : DeaDlinE 20 April 23:59 cET

    Can't stop staring.. the woman reminds me of Stoja
  9. apasionata

    60th entry of Illumia / 226 / Dance II

    Long live and don't withdraw again
  10. apasionata

    Serbia SERBIA 2024 - Teya Dora - Ramonda

    Soft reminder (not really I'm flexing it for all it's worth): Teya Dora has signed with Epic Germany (Sony Music) so I'm sure they'll pull all the stops and bags 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 to translate this to appropriate level of expensiveness the expensive Swedish stage and production will carry. :devilish:
  11. apasionata

    Times when your nation sent a future Eurovision participant?

    ::dos ex. Tuzi 219: Teya Dora - Džanum - NQ (ouu she gagged y'all bad with this one whereas it's nsc top-tier material on paper.. oh well 🤷) :rs: 2024: Teya Dora - Ramonda 💜🌺
  12. apasionata

    Cyprus CYPRUS 2024 - Silia Kapsis - Liar

    Not even 18 yet she mothering HARD already
  13. apasionata

    NSC 225 || Aimūlli || Only Connect || Reservations

    Didn't send anything as I'd assumes I'm barred from joining for failing to vote in last edition's final?
  14. apasionata

    NSC entry stuck in my head today

    Kostanovia 106
  15. apasionata

    NSC entry stuck in my head today

    ::rum 200 If Winter Christmas Fairytale Magic was a song xlove xlove xlove xlove
  16. apasionata

    🇩🇰⚔ Sinceramente

  17. apasionata

    NSC [2×2=4] New Maths State ∑ DDL :11+12=23(59)cet

    Denmark of Spears is in ofc Song: Spokesperson: Head of delegation is Lizzo, of course
  18. apasionata

    Greece GREECE 2024 - Marina Satti - Zari

    20 years of My Number One victory in Athens 2025 xpray
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