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  1. Scorpion

    Öösingimäed 👧📞🗣️

    Re: Virgohronie - NSC 75, Virgohronie's 1st real NF! Voted (actually, sent a ranking) :mrgreen:
  2. Scorpion

    Cydoni-Gibberia - NSC 219 - 200 CONSECUTIVE ENTRIES

    Re: CYDONI-GIBBERIA 71 - Justin Bieber - Baby Is 3 hours enough to become serious now? :D
  3. Scorpion

    Rumia 227 | There's no cock like horse cock

    Re: RUMIA || WITHDRAWING I disagree :mrgreen:
  4. Scorpion

    estoy mejor sin ti

    Re: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the most eternal country: ETERLAND! Welcome! :mrgreen: Have fun ;)
  5. Scorpion

    OMG it's Halloween! - It's the bloody results show! :o

    Sorry for the delay, Survivor went on forever :? Here is the first scoreboard, so you have a few minutes to try and guess who the winner will be :ugeek:
  6. Scorpion

    New Acadia 115 | NSC 226 #nac

    Re: New Acadia - NSC 60 - Back to NF's :) Scorpionia: Hadouken! - $100 The Fratellis - $10 Magnetic Man - $70 Foxy Shazam - $50 The Sunshine Underground - $430 Julian Casablancas - $340
  7. Scorpion

    OMG It's Halloween! Welcome to the bloody show!

    WELCOME TO THE BLOODY SHOW IN DEADVYLLE, SCORPIONIA! Welcome once again to the Deadvylle Arena, your last place you'll visit! Let's see this fantastic venue once again :twisted: These 20 nations sent their contestants to compete (and be killed). Enjoy the show, it won't last for...
  8. Scorpion

    OMG it's Halloween! - Confirmation thread

    That time of the year has come! It's... On the 5th of the spiral islands of Scorpionia, there is a small town of the dead called Deadvylle! All the artists will perform in the famous Deadvylle arena, hunted by hundreds of thousands of ghosts! WELCOME TO SCORPIONIA! If you want...
  9. Scorpion


    Re: LUKELAND WANTS TO SEE YOUR PEACOCK (Katy Perry - Peacock) Mine is bigger :p :lol:
  10. Scorpion

    Zechonia - Comeback :p

    Re: Zechonia - NSC 57 NF - ddl 3rd September 1800 CEST I can't really find the songs :stupid:
  11. Scorpion

    Belvist - NSC 206: Amaranthe - Archangel

    Re: Belvist: Elena Gheorghe - Disco Romancing Justice for Ana! :twisted: Still a great choice though :mrgreen:
  12. Scorpion

    Belvist - NSC 206: Amaranthe - Archangel

    Re: Belvist: Pesma Belvista za nacije 56 (please vote) Yes, when can we start celebrating Ana's victory? :mrgreen:
  13. Scorpion

    Dalisska - NSC 227 - Sarah Kinsley - Cypress

    Re: Dalisska - NSC 56 - ??? I like Tove Styrke more :)
  14. Scorpion

    It is WAR! World War III! Sco, Kos, KFOEras, ...

    Scorpionian troopes went attacking Alinta! :shock: The gas that was supposed to get to Scorpionia didn't, and the Scorpionian government is sure that it is a conspiracy against our people, and the only clear thing to do is to declare them war! :geek: Also, they didn't award Jovana Nikolic...
  15. Scorpion

    Belvist - NSC 206: Amaranthe - Archangel

    Re: Belvist: Edenbridge - Higher Awesome winner indeed! :mrgreen: Belvist is just gonna turn the scoreboard upside down from the last time with this song :mrgreen:
  16. Scorpion

    Waiting Iist of Shelley & Nici - NSC 227: TEYA - Behind The Scenes

    Re: Horehronieland | NSC 55 NF DDL:13.7. 19:20 | WC; Girls Aloud Very nice entry ;)
  17. Scorpion

    [Withdrawal] Ecclestonia is resting for a while

    Re: Final round! Ecclestonia NSC 55 - Superfinal voting! Page 8 Voted for Mika :)
  18. Scorpion

    Nation Charts

    This week charts of Scorpionia: 1. Nuša Derenda – Noe Noe 2. Jovana Nikolic – Moli moli 3. Emina Jahovic – Ti Kvariigro 4. BWO – You're Not Alone 5. Daniel Diges – Algo pequeñito 6. Manca Spik – Se vedno nekaj cutim 7. Eric Saade – Sleepless 8. Manca Spik – Tukaj sem doma 9. Nanne Grönvall –...
  19. Scorpion

    Scorpionia - Last entry presented - It was enough =)

    Re: SCORPIONIA - Results now! :-) Thanks :mrgreen:
  20. Scorpion

    NSC 55 in CALYPSO: Confirmation <DEADLINE IS OVER>

    Re: NSC 55 in CALYPSO: Confirmation <Deadline 18th July 15CET> The entry from Scorpionia: Linda Bengtzing & Velvet - Victorious :mrgreen:
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