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  1. Sean

    WLSC 265 in Dawnbreak, FR Meridia ✨ Let your light shine!

    Låpøtré Monkeyneck - Always
  2. Sean

    WLSC 264 in Marcobia 👑 The Show 🎵 Results are In!

    Top 10 on my return! Thank you!
  3. Sean

    【結果発表】NSC 222 FINAL RESULTS SHOW 10月29日~30日

    Any chance I could get to 100? xpray EDIT: Yay! Thanks Xochimilia!
  4. Sean

    【結果発表】NSC 222 FINAL RESULTS SHOW 10月29日~30日

    That's high praise, thank you xrose
  5. Sean

    【結果発表】NSC 222 FINAL RESULTS SHOW 10月29日~30日

    Wow, fantastic start so far, thanks for the points especially from Fierraria and our hosts Yaponesia xheart xrose
  6. Sean

    第二百二十二回「ネイション・ソング・コンテスト」歌合戦 決勝戦 NSC 222: Grand Final 〆10月27日DL

    For me Higher Ground is already the one that got away. I've finished second four times, but twice it was by a significant margin and the fourth time really took me by surprise. Higher Ground was my obsession that summer and I while I was shocked and amazed it was 2nd I still feel a little gutted...
  7. Sean

    United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2024

    The artist search has already happened? 👀
  8. Sean

    NSC Rules

    Sorry for the delay but all access should be granted now
  9. Sean

    第二百二十二回 ネイション•ソング•コンテスト NSC 222 🌅 Confirmation 🎑 Deadline 6th October 23:59 CEST

    You're gonna be missed this edition Norm, but you are a great couple and I wish you both an amazing wedding!
  10. Sean

    221st Nation Song Contest: PANTHEON

  11. Sean

    Cyprus CYPRUS 2024 - Silia Kapsis

    Silia Kapsis will represent Cyprus
  12. Sean

    NSC entry stuck in my head today

    Two entries from ::moi funnily enough 107 and 177
  13. Sean

    221st Nation Song Contest: PANTHEON

    My first qualification in Canada with an Inuktitut First Nations song, how poetic xheart Thank you for this surprising qualification and congrats to all other finalists xheya
  14. Sean

    1st Semi-Final of the 221st Nation Song Contest

    Hey sorry, I've been away for a few days but done that now. Will check other people's access later today
  15. Sean

    The origins of your NSC performers

    Update - here comes ::ca xrose ::cyd Dual nationals counted for both countries :uk: United Kingdom (66) - click below to show :us: United States (53) - click below to show :au: Australia (14) - Sneaky Sound System, Strange Talk, Matt Corby, Ivan Gough, Peking Duk (3), Seekae, Montaigne...
  16. Sean

    NSC Statistics & Trivia

  17. Sean

    [/⊕\] NSC 220 [/⊕\] Semi results

    Pretty disappointing result for me but glad some of you seemed to love our bop, thank you xcheer Aso a massive congratulations to ::ros for finally breaking a 17 edition(!!!) nonqualification streak, I know how that feels and I'm made up for you Fabi xheya
  18. Sean

    NSC219 - Results Show - Untucked

    Always great to see one of the 'unfortunate' nations pull off a win, especially with a decent song. Congrats Dan! xheya My points for clarity; 12 Insomnéa 10 Sakuralia 8 Cherniya 7 Mormadorei 6 Tybalteva 5 Kordavian Islands 4 Halito 3 Slagensala 2 Konthena 1...
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