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  1. allenakaalan

    Turkey TURKEY 2024

    Well, maybe Istanbul 2040... xwait
  2. allenakaalan

    Food for thought (why the voting system needs to change)

    Once again, I'm not saying I was happy with the jury results since many songs that probably should have been rewarded by juries were let down. Likewise, however, many good songs were let down by the televoters as well. The juries are not perfect but to do away with them without even considering...
  3. allenakaalan

    Food for thought (why the voting system needs to change)

    While jury votes had been frustrating this year, I'm not going to let televoters off the hook either. I refuse to live in a world where :au: finishes just barely outside the bottom 5. Thank god the juries kept them in top 10.
  4. allenakaalan

    Rest of the world vote

    I think when EBU published the detailed breakdown, they accidentally showed the full ROTW ranking for the Icelandic televote since the top ten ranking matched perfectly with the ROTW votes. They've since corrected that though.
  5. allenakaalan

    Ukraine UKRAINE 2024

    I feel like both of Jerry Heil's Eurovision bids were trying too hard to fit the Eurovision template and paled in comparison to the rest of her discography (even if I did like WGSTD). I think her key to success is simply to do the opposite.
  6. allenakaalan

    EUROVISION 2023 - General Discussion thread

    I lost braincells when I saw people concluding that it's rigged because the total televote score is 58 points more than jury ( forgetting that ROTW exists) and Loreen won by 57 points, so EBU must've added those votes to make sure Loreen wins.
  7. allenakaalan

    Ukraine UKRAINE 2023 - Tvorchi - Heart of Steel

    The pain of being a Eurovision powerhouse along with Sweden and Italy. No matter the good results you get because of the effort you make, people will always find excuses to hate on you. Literally suffering from success. o_O
  8. allenakaalan

    Armenia ARMENIA 2023 - Brunette - Future Lover

    MFW none of the Azerbaijani jurors ranked Armenia last, and Armenia also didn't finish last in the Azerbaijani televote (2nd last, but still). :eek:
  9. allenakaalan

    Portugal PORTUGAL 2023 - Mimicat - Ai Coração

    If only Luxembourg were here sooner...
  10. allenakaalan

    Spain SPAIN 2023 - Blanca Paloma - Eaea

    Really sad that one of my faves got dead last in televote. :cry: I blame bad karmas from the toxicity of fans all last year.
  11. allenakaalan

    Australia AUSTRALIA 2023 - Voyager - Promise

    Can Australia actually not get robbed by televotes for a change without having to rely on newbie novelty or space sopranos? :cry:
  12. allenakaalan

    Ukraine UKRAINE 2023 - Tvorchi - Heart of Steel

    Despite some of my misgivings for the song after Vidbir. I'm really happy with the package they were able to put out for the Grand Final. Really deserved results!
  13. allenakaalan

    Portugal PORTUGAL 2023 - Mimicat - Ai Coração

    Ugh. I hope Mimicat will do some of most aggressive cabaret ever and get a top 10 result to spite the producers.
  14. allenakaalan

    Moldova MOLDOVA 2023 - Pasha Parfeni - Soarele şi Luna

    All I want is for Pasha to improve on his 11th place finish from 2012.
  15. allenakaalan

    The Netherlands NETHERLANDS 2023 - Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper - Burning Daylight

    Even though I'd like to think I like the song, I realized that while I enjoy listening to it, as soon as it's over I couldn't remember a single thing about it. I guess it's time to go back to sending country songs. xshrug
  16. allenakaalan

    Portugal PORTUGAL 2023 - Mimicat - Ai Coração

    So glad my ROTW vote came through! After all the hullabaloo about a potential flop thanks to the underwhelming staging, she just came to slay so hard that we have no choice but to put her through!
  17. allenakaalan

    Belgium BELGIUM 2023 - Gustaph - Because of You

    I have to say that the beat during the chorus is pretty addicting! Wasn't a fan of the song in the beginning, but now I've actually replayed it quite a bit.
  18. allenakaalan

    Ukraine UKRAINE 2023 - Tvorchi - Heart of Steel

    I do have a feeling that this will do much better with the general public than the fans expect. Fans will rank this mid to low on the scoreboard and then will be shocked when it gets Ukraine another good result.
  19. allenakaalan

    Ukraine UKRAINE 2023 - Tvorchi - Heart of Steel

    Apparently Patron's endorsement is all that you need to win. xshrug
  20. allenakaalan

    Ukraine UKRAINE 2023 - Tvorchi - Heart of Steel

    Same for non-winning Eurovision entries. I'm just imagining SloMo being banished to the dungeon after not winning, never to be heard from again. :devilish:
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